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If you have ever worked with wood, then you know how frustrating it can be to order the plans to make a project and then end up with something that you can’t even use. You’ve wasted your time and your money and you have to start back at the beginning. That’s just one of the reasons that getting pretend house designs that cost you absolutely nothing is such a great idea!

If your little one has longed for a place to spend time pretending and entertaining friends, you could be in for a big expense if you go for a model that is already made. There are some models that look like the real thing and have features like balconies, working windows and doors, and attached play areas. When you make your own, you can save lots of money and make it to suit your needs.

A typical pretend home that you will find the blueprints available for online will be for a seven and a half by eight foot building and will include a variety of real life features. You can add a porch on the front for sheltered play space and shutters to the windows. Even if you want something elaborate, you can start with something simple and then add on to it to get the results you had in mind.

If you are not sure where to look for blueprints that you can get without paying for, start at your local building supply company. Many companies offer what you need to inspire your creativity to encourage you to buy their building supplies.

Another option is going to the public library and looking for books with blueprints of different styled homes. They should offer patterns for cabins, castles and everything in between.

Of course, the internet has massive resources for these patterns just as they do for anything but sifting through the sites to find the right one for your needs could be very time consuming. It will help to know the type of home you wish to build before you do a search. For instance, a cabin, Victorian home, castle, fire station, etc. Then you will be able to narrow down the search results.

Naturally, the majority of these homes are going to be made from wood and you will have a choice of leaving the wood natural or painting it. You should also have this determined since it will make a difference in the type of wood you need to buy. Even though the plans you find may be of the simplest design, you can add all the features you want in order to make your little one’s home more special. Shutters on the windows, window boxes, and landscaping are some of the touches that make it look more like a real home.

If your home has a porch, add a chair and a welcome mat to add more authenticity. Anything to make it look like a real home instead of a pretend home will add to the fun!

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Source by David T Smith