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Deciding to own an island property can be life changing. Many love the idea of leaving the stress of city life behind and investing in a property somewhere tropical and far away. One of these countries experiencing a great deal of growth at the moment is Vanuatu. The population has increased by over 100,000 in the past two decades and, for the moment, real estate prices are still very low – property value on the islands is expected to continue to rise.

While island life sounds like a great idea, not a lot of people know where to begin looking in Vanuatu. The nation is a sub-tropic archipelago made up of 13 large islands and 70 smaller islets. Efate is the most populous of the islands with over 50,000 inhabitants. It is also home to Port Villa, Vanuatu’s hub of tourism with plenty of shops, markets and picturesque beaches. Further north, Espiritu Santo is the largest of the nation’s islands; a popular diving and tourist destination currently seeing a lot of development.

These larger islands have all the amenities you could need and are usually easy to access by boat from the surrounding islets. Real estate Vanuatu has offers some great opportunities for those looking both to make the big move in lifestyle and those looking to invest in real estate accommodation and resorts for visitors.

On the main islands property prices are still unbelievably low. Beautiful views, easy beach access and large sections are available on Santo in places like Luganville and Aore Island for under 200,000 AUD, but blocks of land can be purchased for as little as 80,000 AUD in some places of these areas. With the property values increasing like they are as investors take note of the nation’s potential, you are sure to make a healthy return on any investment. Espiritu Santo is one of the first places to look, but the surrounding islands are home to their own great opportunities.

While the main centres are prime locations for development, some would love to see the pipe dream of owning their own island become a reality. In Vanuatu, realising that dream is entirely possible. Islands are available for as little as 300,000 AUD (the price of a family home in most countries). Opportunities to build and develop are abundant, or if you just want somewhere beautiful to call your own then Vanuatu is the perfect place. With the islands so close together, you’re never more than a boat ride away from amenities or one of the main centres. Make your dream lifestyle a reality in Vanuatu.

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