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We are colourful vibrational beings. We live in a world that has manifest these colours in consumerism reminding us of our impermanent nature. Now just imagine for a second that you could convert this frequency rate of your vibration into your own power tower and evolve in a quantum grid that is your own and where you can not only manifest that which you desire but also evolve and assist the earth to evolve with you in a peaceful manner. This is possible and you do not need to be a monk or a mystic or even a psychic to actually perform this quite simply. As the magnetic field of the earth is a energy pool, our body is also one as is the quantum grid in which we evolve. You can learn to amplify the vibrational frequency of your mind and body connection and in so doing pull your energy onto an intention or a goal and be re-energised by that!

We are unique, you are unique, I am unique and so is the frequency rate of the essence of our being. It vibrates at your own pace and with your own specific frequency. You can now decide to be convert that energy pool into a flexible grid where you will evolve and not only feel good but also find your own place and your own pace. One would easily say that this is just non-sense and a theoretical explanation of simply be disciplined, hard worker and focused and all in life will fall into place. ell although this sounds so simple and basic we must admit that the world at the moment is not a wonderful place to be with pro-poor growth being lashed by tornadoes, world economy shaken by powerful earthquakes and gratitude and loving kindness covered with layers and layers of super-structural egos. Unless you live within the group created by the critical mass of people who want a different earth, then you must be on threshold and we hope so. To let go and relax and live life from another perspective. Maybe a bit of wait and see but surely not all this opportunistic battle of consumerism. It is important right now to understand this frequency rate of our own essence and develop vibrational frequencies that are in harmony with that which we desire. As we all have default programmes originating from childhood it is important not only to clear the emotional clutter but also to be able to see our own aura and vibrate in a new frequency that will bring us a blissful life.

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Source by Isabella Dove