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I want to thank you for taking time out to check out this message about Web Building 7.0 – The “N.D.R.T. System” that’s currently under beta testing with several pre-selected, highly influental individuals and Senior Executives of major corporations within the United States, Australia, Brazil, New Zeland, Japan, Germany, Italy, Dubai, Morocco & the United Kingdom.

We have been working on Web Building 7.0 – The N. D. R. T. System for the past 2 years, and our research & development teams are very excited about it!

I really would like to share with you about some of the people and companies that are involved with this project, but I have took a vow of secrecy not to reveal their names.

What I can stay is that, they are very well known public figures and groups from around the world.

You may be asking yourself, “What Is Web Building 7.0 – The “N.D.R.T. System ?”.

It’s The Natural Destiny Release Technology System.

Its not about:

* Building Websites

* New IT technology

* Web 2.0

* Or Social Networking

Its about finding out the true F.P. S. (Forgotten Power System) that you had since the first day you were born, and regaining access to your F. P. S., regardless of your current lifestyle or situations your facing, to move you towards your Natural Destiny, including The Laws of Success Road Map to get you back on course.

Well, before I give you more details about Web Building 7.0 – The “N.D.R.T. System”, let me share a section of one of my books about my life, that’s coming out in the fall of 2008 called “From The Prison, To The Palace”, that laid the “Foundation” for this unique system.

Part 1

Growing up as a child, I considered myself as a social misfit. I was afraid to speak and make new friends. I had a hard time in school, trying to understand the educational lessons being taught and I just hated getting up everyday to deal with it.

It was so bad for me, I had to repeat the 6 th grade over again. After that, I would act like I was going to school and go in our basement to hide in our storage closet until school got out just to avoid my peers looking at me funny for repeating the 6 th grade over.

The one thing that made me happy as a child, was my passion for music and dancing. While I was listening to music and dancing, I envisioned myself on stage as a performer and helping millions around the world achieve their dreams since the age of 9.

When I was 15 years old, I became a member of this House Music dance group on the Westside of Chicago called “The Shy Boys” in 1982 (they called me Mr. Shy because I was very quite and the best dancer).

We worked on our dance routines in this park called Stevenson Park in the township of Oak Park, Illinois.

Different dance groups such as, The Bad Boys, The Crazy Boys, The Lovergirl’s and Front Row would come and check us out, and they wanted to battle us to see who was the best house music dance group.

Whichever dance group lost the battle, they would be picked up, and thrown over the gate of the park, and they could not come back until the next day.

Our group never lost a battle, because we reinvented our routines and came up with different and unique dance styles, based upon each members strengths everyday.

On the following day before we went back to the park, we would walk in the middle of the streets screaming out loud, “Be Shy, Or Die”. The little kids and other teenagers that were sitting on the porch or riding their bikes along our marching path started repeating our chant and joined us in our march.

Three weeks later after we had our first battle, hundreds of people from Oak Park, River Forest, Maywood, Bellwood, Forest Park and the West & South side of Chicago would come to the park to see who would be thrown out of the park.

It got so bad, the Oak Park Police had to block the streets and stop allowing access to the park because there were so many people blocking traffic and hanging out at the park until 10 pm. It was out of control!

The Shy Boys were among the pioneers of the “New Age Dancers”. Today, the motion picture industry caught on and started making movies such as “You Got Served”, “Step 2” and the all time classic “Beat Street”.

During that period of time, I was learning how to become a DJ, and I practiced every day for at least 3 – 5 hours. I even cut school so I could get my practice in.

After a year of practicing everyday, and making over 200 mix tapes during that period for this lady named Sabrina Robinson (her younger brother Shaun was about 14 years old and he was teaching me how to DJ, and Sabrina was very close friends with the top club promoter in Chicago named “Terrible Ted” ) I finally got my big break.

I started spinning records in the big clubs and special events around Chicago at the age of 16 with several top Chicago House Music DJ’s like Lil Louis Tyree Cooper, The Hot Mix 5, Steve Silk Hurley, Mike Dunn, Fast Eddie, Shawn Robinson, Terry Hunter K-Alexi and Jesse Saunders just to name a few.

Many of the DJ’s mentioned above were putting out records on Chicago Traxxs Records & DJ International Records and I wanted to do the same thing.

One afternoon while I was playing a record from DJ International Records, I heard a small voice within me say, “If you want to make it in the music industry, you must leave school now”.

My entire body was very hot after hearing that. It was so intense, It felt like a made a mistake and cut my wrist, and if I don’t get to the hospital, I was going to die!

I stood in the middle of my bedroom not knowing what to do next. Then all of a sudden, I felt led to look at the record that I just finished playing. It was Steve “Silk” Hurley’s record called “Music Is The Key”.

As I looked closer at the record, I noticed a phone number to the record company. So I called the record company and Rocky Jones, President of DJ International Records picked up the phone, and he asked me to come to his office the following day.

After we had our meeting, he offered me a recording contract and I came up with and created a house music band called “B Rude Inc.” with some of my friends named Anthony Nash, Shaun Robinson & Tommy Williams.

From that point, I made my final decision to leave high school and stop Dee Jaying at the age of 17.

About 3 weeks later, my father found out that I quit school, he kicked me out of the house. I was so scared! I had no idea on what to do next.

I quit school; I just signed a recording contract, no clue where I was going to live and I only had about $32 dollars left from my last dj gig!

End of Part 1…

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God bless,

Byron Burke, Creator of Web Building 7.0 – The N. D. R. T. System.

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