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By now you might know that my finances or lack of them have played a huge part in my purpose of raising faith and lowering fear and in accepting that I am supported and being provided for. Up until recently my fearful doubts and beliefs have out-weighed my faith. I feel like I’ve been making my way through the University of Life in attempt to reach the highest degree of Self Love and faith; having to repeat the lessons multiple times in many different ways until it became integrated and I could finally graduate.

I have told these stories often in my travels to inspire people who are standing on the edge, afraid to take the next step because they can’t see where they are going. My message is often the same: –

Begin with a willingness to do what it takes.

Remember, The Universe can not change the direction of a stationary vehicle.

The thing is, we really don’t have to know what’s around the corner until we get there, do we? We simply have to start the engine and put our vehicle in motion. This means being willing to take that first step in faith and allow the Universe to guide you each step of the way Look inward and outward for the signs and be open to all possibilities because your willingness will show you a safe way, often very different from that which you could ever imagine.

Let me explain:

It was only six weeks before Christmas and was still recovering from my loss through a poor financial investment. While most businesses were gearing up for a busy time, my business was slowing down. People were finding more important things to spend their money on than their health and well-being!

I decided it was time to sell my collection of exquisite jewellery. Before I headed out the door I was guided to check the local paper to see if there were any part-time jobs available. A ‘door to door’ selling position caught my eye and I decided to check it out on my way to the jewellery store. What did I have to lose?

I met Rick who showed me the ropes and then sent me on the road to making a commission based income – in the most unexpected way. I walked door to door selling discount vouchers for a local restaurant. I have to admit, it was a great deal. Each day I would arrive back with a record amount of sales for my four-hour shift. It was as if people couldn’t say no! One man, having bought a voucher exclaimed “How did this happen. I don’t usually open the door to sales people let alone buy anything.”

Over lunch on Christmas Eve, I thanked Rick for giving me this job. I explained to him that not only did it save me from selling my jewellery but with my success I was able to invite some friends around and celebrate Christmas. He responded with genuine thanks to me too. “Because of your success” he said, I can now buy my wife a Christmas present.” Having over-heard us the proprietor came over and thanked us both. “Without this campaign, I would have been forced to close the restaurant,” he said. And we know that many of the customers enjoying themselves would have been unable to afford the quality of food and service that this restaurant offered had it not have been for those discounted vouchers.

I love how the Universe manoeuvres us around and brings people together for a common cause, and for the good of the whole, don’t you?

The campaign finished, my lease was up and I went to stay with my friend Sue for a couple of weeks while I looked for somewhere else to live. Within those two weeks her flat mate made a surprise decision to leave to venture overseas. I gratefully accepted the offer to stay on and became Sue’s house mate for the next four years.

The interesting thing was that I met Sue a few years before when I advertised for a flat mate to share my three bedroom town house. Sue was one of the few people who turned up to look at it. In the end we both decided that we were not ready to share but we made a great connection and became friends from that point on and remained very close until she passed fifteen years later.

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Source by Marie Brunger