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Your article will speak a lot about your business. That is why it should not sound boring or simply plain. It will be your marketing tool that can bring you the kind of profits that you need for your business.

Indeed, article marketing can never be that easy, especially if you don’t have any clear idea on the basic steps to such technique. To help you out, here are 5 exciting methods for effective article marketing:

1. Avoid dull titles. Catching your target readers’ attention can be quite difficult, knowing that there are still thousands of articles out there who have the same purpose as you. That is why it is very important that your article will be eye-catching. Go for action-packed words that will entice your readers to do something about your article.

2. Limit your word count. Internet readers are looking for information in a quick way. They don’t have time to read very long articles. Thus, your ideal word count should be between 400-700 words. Anything longer than that will drive your readers to sleep.

3. Stick to shorter paragraphs. Your article should be easy to scan. Long paragraphs will never allow you to achieve that. So limit your sentences for each paragraph to 3 to 4 sentences. This is to expand the attention span of your readers and create an illusion that your article is short.

4. List your keywords. When you submit your articles, you will likely be asked to list your keywords. It’s very essential that you don’t miss this part as they will allow you to be searchable in article directories and even in search engines.

5. Sell yourself in the resource box. Make your sales pitch at the bottom of the article. Add a link of your website. This will be one of the article portions that can generate the kind of traffic you need for your website.

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Source by Sean Mize