Get LEADS On Autopilot!

‘Cold Calling’ has become one of the most dreaded methods of generating potential leads for your network marketing business. It usually causes more damage to you and your business and does not result in large numbers of useful leads. The reasons to avoid cold calling are:

o It makes you look stressed and unsuccessful.

o It doesn’t always result in potential leads. In fact statistics show that more than 90% of cold calling is ineffective.

o It limits your production capacity because you can only make so many calls per day.

o It can make you give up on your business. Your morale can take only so many refusals and rejections and sooner or later, you will give up on the business.

Now, in today’s world of internet technology, new methods have been developed to generate potential  MLM  leads without ever harassing your family or friends to join your business. The answer lies with the Internet. To capitalize on the four secret methods of lead generation on the Internet, you first need to have an attractive website. Once you have that in place, you can use these 4 secret methods listed below:

o Auto Responder: Your website or blog will provide you with contact information of visitors. You need to establish contact with them through newsletters, etc. to attract quality prospects. Your auto responder will be able to establish contact with a large numbers without taking too much time, something you cannot achieve if you respond personally.

o Social networking Sites: Thousands of people join social networking sites everyday. They are free and easy to use. You can easily connect with like-minded people on social networking sites and increase the number of potential leads.

o Forums: You can establish yourself as an expert by posting comments regularly on various internet forums. You can then use your posts to direct traffic to your website and generate quality leads.

o Traffic Exchange: There are traffic exchange websites on the internet where you are assured hits on your website in return for you viewing other websites. If you make an attractive website for your business, you can get a lot of leads through this method.

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Source by Kerri Tan