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Sometimes I wonder how people can get so mixed up about the simple things in life. I suppose that is why they sell the “stupid” books. I Googled “How-to God” the other day and you would not believe the thousands of links offered to help a person learn the simple how-to’s about God.

Did you know that God wrote His own How-to book? I know you think I am going to say something about the Bible, but I’m not. I am going to say something about the covenant. “What covenant,” you might ask. The covenant of Noah, the covenant of Abraham, the covenant of Moses, or the covenant of Jesus Christ?

All covenants pointed towards Christ. The purpose of giving those covenants was to give us a preview or trailer of what was to come through Jesus Christ. That is the one that mattered. The others covenants were stones upon the prophetic path, brightly shinning and pointing the way to Jesus Christ.

So little is known about the covenant of Jesus Christ, it boggles the mind. Did you know that God sprinkled the blood of Jesus upon His covenant. That’s right. You may remember that the blood of an animal was sprinkled upon the book and law and articles of covenant God made through Moses. See how this pointed to Christ? It was getting the people ready to step into the flow of the New Covenant.

But as it often happens, people get comfortable where they are, and hate to change. There was a long period of time between the covenant of Moses and the covenant of Jesus Christ, so that when Jesus came to initiate His covenant in His own name people were set in their ways and did not want to transition from Moses to Jesus.

Are you set in your ways? Challenge yourself for a week to see how easily you accept and adapt to change? No, I am not talking about anything so drastic like those reality shows where they swap wives and put them in an entirely freakish environment where everything is backwards. I am talking about making a few subtle changes. Change your brand of soft drink, or change your morning routine. If you are used to reading the Wall Street Journal, read the Enquirer. If you are used to eggs in the morning try yogurt. See how difficult it is to change one or two things in your daily routine and you will begin to understand how difficult it is for the church to switch from the First Covenant (Moses) to the Second Covenant (Jesus Christ).

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Source by Maria T VonAnderseck