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ARBONNE International is known as a marketing giant. Whether you believe this or not, some of the following facts will interest you and bring some new understanding toward them.

ARBONNE International was founded nearly 30 years ago by Pete Morck. The company was originated in Europe, but they have grown substantially in the United States. ARBONNE’S offered products include but are not limited to: skin care, nutritional products, weight management, fitness, life enhancement and remedy products such as the herbal products line. ARBONNE products are said to be of the highest quality and said to meet and exceed government testing standards. The products of ARBONNE are safe, pure, and beneficial.

ARBONNE’S inside business opportunity is know as a   MLM  (Multi Level Marketing). To capture sales in this, you have to use the approach of “warm market”. With this type of approach you have to persuade family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc., to purchase your product or opportunity. Whenever trying to persuade family members or peers to purchase this, it can be a very tricky situation. Multi Level Marketers sell these products or opportunities for a commission. As an  MLM  for ARBONNE, you will be required to attend product parties, seminars, home and hotel presentations, and do some cold calling to offer this to as many people as you can.

Is ARBONNE a Pyramid Scheme?

ARBONNE is not a Pyramid Scheme. ARBONNE offers a great business opportunity. Not only does the company offer a value to their customers, but they offer a valued product. Some people do not approve of a  MLM  system, but this does not take away from a great company or their great products. If a person is going to go into a business, before investing hard earned money they better do their research to see what the company actually is.

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Source by Rodney Todd