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What an awesome opportunity to hear Dale Calvert coaching his audience about online network marketing. Just in case you have never heard of Dale Calvert, he is a million dollar a year earner, an online marketing expert, and has built absolutely massive organizations. Enough said.

Online network marketing is all about numbers. The one with the most traffic wins. You should always stay in the learning mode, tweaking your skills. Building a network marketing company is a sorting game. Amateurs try to convince, professionals sort. You should look for people ready to make a change.

The # 1 mistake network marketers do is send traffic to the wrong kind of site. Most company websites give an overload of information. The prospect gets bogged down in all the details and a confused mind does nothing. These sites work best for distributors.

The two things that a website should do are:

  • website #1 should sell a product or a service
  • website #2 should capture data about the prospect.

The reality of the industry is that in network marketing we are all looking for the right people at the right time. The only thing we can control is how many people we expose the business to. All windows of opportunity are open sometime in the 365 days of the year. The window may me open for a day, a week, two weeks or a month. When their window opens, if they find you and you present your business well, they will join. We all look for the right people at the right time. All that matters is that we get our business in front of people.

The three quickest ways to drive people to your site are:

1. Pay per click search engines.

2. Social network sites such as Facebook and MySpace are all free. Social networking will continue to grow. gives you the opportunity to model the correct activities daily to your team. All of your team should have a Twitter account.

3. Ezine ads. You can run an ad and send it to the entire subscriber base.

Most people suffer from information overload. You should focus on one aspect of online network marketing, master the techniques, then move on to another technique. One specific thing will not make you rich.

Article marketing produces a compound effect. We can all write articles. Ultimately, the articles will drive traffic to your site, using the resource box.

Hot Tip: Google just began offering the article directory business.

Hot Tip: Go where the traffic already is: Craigs List, E-bay,

Hot Tip: Walmart now offers a classified section,

Hot Tip: You can suffer from information overload. Do not look for the magic bullet, automate as much as you can.

Hot Tip: Put yourself on a marketing schedule. Do what you know how to do and master new techniques. Be consistent with your marketing schedule.

According to Dale Calvert, most definitely a successful online network marketer, if you will adhere to the guidelines in this article consistently, you should bring in five new team members a month. Determine your ultimate goal. Make sure that everything you do daily supports that, and watch your business grow. For more about Dale Calvert, visit

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Source by Nancy Miles Ross