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Have you ever gotten a slap to the face? It stings doesn’t it? Well so does having built a channel with 100+ videos and a following of thousands of people with all the ratings, comments to boot and then having all of that totally shut down and removed with little-to-no warning and explanation!

And that is exactly what occurred with MANY marketers who have recently lost their YouTube accounts. So if you have not yet been ‘B-Slapped’ by “The Tube”…consider yourself lucky…fortunate…blessed!

So Why Did It Happen?

Nobody really knows for absolute sure except the folks that made the decision to remove the videos and channels.

So far I have been fortunate to not have experienced “the slap” but after hearing the news, I made sure that I took some precautions and if you haven’t done so, I urge you to do the same!

Now, there are a lot of speculations as to why so many people got the YouTube slap such as:

– YouTube doesn’t like marketers – YouTube doesn’t want people promoting for free since they offer paid advertising options – There are “haters” out there flagging the videos of people they don’t like or are jealous of -The videos that got shut down were not good, quality content – YouTube is cracking down on people pitching “how to make money” videos – and many other speculations

But again, no one REALLY knows the full truth.

So, CAN You Avoid YouTube Slaps And If So, How?

Let’s face it, people can get mad all day long at YouTube and exclaim how they are moving elsewhere, but YouTube is a traffic-haven and you’d have to be crazy not to want to take advantage of some of that. But, it has to be done differently, that’s all. What does that mean? Well basically you have to come correct! What does THAT mean? (LOL) It means that you have to do one or both of the two “E’s”…Entertain and/or Educate.

Most people turn to YouTube because they are either looking to learn something or they are looking to be entertained. So YOUR “job” is to do one or the other…or both and lay off of producing “commercials”.

Naturally some who lost their channels are, themselves, “lost” because they felt that they DID offer value and good content…but as with anything else, perception is reality and one person’s perception of valuable content may not be YouTube’s perception of valuable content.

So having said that, here are some ways that I feel one could potentially avoid the YouTube slap:

1. Make absolute certain that you are really…and I mean REALLY providing valuable content and information. No longer can you produce videos that talk about how to generate free leads yet the video is really talking about a program (affiliate) that will help them generate the leads. If you have tips on getting free leads, then provide the TIPS and then…

2. Lead your viewers to (preferably) a blog or if not, maybe another piece of content that compliments what you presented in your video and from there, lead them to your link

3. Do NOT overly stuff your description nor your subject line with keywords

4. If you’re involved in “how to make money” programs, don’t promote them on YouTube but rather, again, post the valuable stuff and then lead to another site that offers content but also has your links on there – kind of like what you’d do in writing articles or (what you’re SUPPOSED to do) in social networks such as Facebook, etc.

5. You can’t go wrong with “how-to’s” and I don’t mean “how to make money” but rather how to do something…tutorials and instructional videos. Don’t know how to do anything to showcase on video? LEARN something! If you have learned how to set up an autoresponder account, then teach that…if you have learned how to create a twitter background, teach that and so on.

Naturally there are other things to do and not do such as not using friend-adding software, etc…in other words, just play by the rules and again, give the type of content that people want to see (entertainment…education).

And always remember that once you buy and read a book (or ebook) or watch a tutorial, etc. and you internalize that information, implement it and get the desired outcome, that has now become YOUR knowledge to share with and impart to others!

That is what offering real, true value is all about and if you provide that kind of value, your “followers” will love you for it and I truly believe YouTube will love you for it and welcome you with open arms rather than slap you and kick you out!

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Source by Cherie King