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It’s easy and affordable to solar power your home now because you can get the instructions online, and the parts for your new home-project can be purchased locally. Solar panels can cost you anything from $1000 upwards, and you can build your own for around $200 with parts from your local general hardware store.

A unit this size ( $200 ) won’t power your whole home just like a manufactured one ( $1000 ) wouldn’t, but it’s a great start for a home project that will save you money in the future. At first you’ll start small, and then with the money you’re saving on your fuel bills you can re-invest it into paying for more solar panels.

When you solar power your home you are harnessing the power of the sun. It’s a completely green energy source that will help to save the environment as well as give you more money towards a better lifestyle.

The benefits of homemade solar panels are…

Increased value of your home
Lower or no fuel bills
A vacation every year
A new car with the money you save
Satisfaction of completing a home project

You can even sell unused electricity back to your local provider, or you can store it.

If you live in an area with regular power outages your home will keep going when others are without the necessities such as TV and the internet.

A small project of one solar panel can turn into something that will eventually power your home, and eliminate your fuel bills altogether. This can completely change the way you and your family live, and enjoy life.

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Source by Jason King