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Self reliance is a way of taking control of you and your family’s lives if only a small action at a time to ensure that you never get yourselves into a sticky situation. To be totally self reliant is a huge stretch for anyone with young kids and a busy lifestyle and not many people are truly at this stage. The trick I’ve learnt is to be able to make do for at least 2 weeks in the event of heavy snow (like last year) flooding, strong winds, power cuts and even the loss of a job! We have to be realistic that these things can happen and at some point most certainly will.

The end of the world survival situation will most probably never happen and most things will be only temporary. Just a few weeks of preps will give you that little bit of time for things to be rectified if you are caught off guard. Its also about bringing yourself out of a situation where you’re dependent on many different systems for your food, water and finances and being able to live life with an easy conscience when others are in panic mode.

Up until only the last fifty years or so, families would be growing a lot of there own food. Mothers and grandmothers would prepare and keep food stored away in larders and packaging was kept to an absolute minimum. Somewhere in recent times these common practices have been lost, however starting on a personal level some of these can be restored with the help of some great tools and a renaissance of traditional skills. The main skills I’ve found that I can’t do without are dehydration, rainwater harvesting and gardening for food, this also covers foraging for local native wild edibles. Although these skills can be carried out in traditional ways, I’ve found that modern day machines and materials can make life so much easier and all can be carried out without the need for much electricity.

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Source by Ben Lannoy