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I wonder when I see someone acts dishonestly. She pretends to be someone else to make good impression of herself in front of people around her. Why does she do that thing? What does she want to get?

I do agree with the words say “Be Yourself”, and I always try to apply those words in every way of my life. I realize that it is better for me to be honest and show it to others. I want to see as I am.

I think it is something positive if you act honestly to others. It shows that you are satisfied and comfort with your own life. You free yourself without being somebody else. And I so appreciate people who act honestly without pretending to be another.

I know as human being, no body is perfect, that is why I decide to be happy as I am and show people the truly I am. I am not proud of my faults and mistakes, but in my opinion, they are parts of my life, and also parts of all people in this life. Every body has mistakes, it is normal.

By being yourself, you do not need to be ashamed to show the real of you. You can show your abilities and all positive sides in yourself. You also can always try to make up your behaviors to be better and better. People’s judgment can make you see your mistakes you might have done.

You do not need to be somebody else in order to be loved by people around you. Always remember that every body is different and each is unique, so just be yourself. You are unique; just let them love you because of you, the real you.

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Source by Lewis U Barton