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If you’ve experienced symptoms exactly like those that may occur when you’re expecting your period, but no period is present or ever arrives, it’s most likely that you’re having a “phantom” period.

Phantom periods are described as a period minus the menses. In other words, you may feel irritable, bloated, fatigued, experience headaches and cramps, but the presence of blood is non-existent. Most women notice phantom periods while they’re experiencing perimenopause, the transitional period prior to menopause.

It’s important to remember that menstruation has been a regular occurrence in your life for many years and, therefore, the transition into menopause can take several years, as well. During perimenopause it’s not unusual to experience phantom periods, as well as several other symptoms, such as irregular or unpredictable periods, difficulty sleeping, irritability or depression, hot flashes and weight gain, especially around the mid-section.

If you’ve been experiencing phantom periods it’s a good idea to talk with your health care provider to rule out the possibility of other health conditions that could be contributing to your symptoms. Once you’re certain that you are indeed having phantom periods, there’s no need for concern, as there are no known health risks to women who experience phantom periods.

Just as with normal periods, P.M.S. and menopause, many of the symptoms associated with phantom periods can be reduced and even eliminated by making some very simple lifestyle changes.

It’s been well documented that regular exercise contributes to eliminating many physical and emotional symptoms experienced by women who are pre-menstrual, having phantom periods or noticing signs of perimenopause. Unfortunately, until women actually begin exercising and personally experience the positive results of physical fitness, most simply don’t believe or understand just what a difference a healthier lifestyle can make.

Because of this, the majority of women would rather suffer the many symptoms of “feminine conditions” rather than invest a small amount of time and energy to ensure that they look and feel fantastic well into their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

I encourage you to at least give physical fitness a trial run. If, after 60 days, you’ve not benefited and have decided this is not the solution for you, go ahead and discontinue exercising. You stand to lose absolutely nothing – other than a few pounds and several inches from your body. I seriously doubt you’ll discontinue, however, once you see for yourself just how much better you’ll look and feel. Go ahead – accept this challenge so that you may begin to look and feel better than you ever thought possible.

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Source by Susan Megge