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Modern day life includes some kind of stress for everyone: tight schedules to finish a project at work, taking care of young children at home, bullying in the school ground, letting go of teenage children to make their own choices and mistakes in life and the stress of peer pressure. At all ages we are affected and have to deal with stressful situations. The following article will give you suggestions on stress reducing activities to better manage these situations.

Adopt a healthy life style

In order to manage stress you need to balance yourself and your life. Physical activity and exercise have been found to be great ways to create that equilibrium. If your stress is creating a lot of aggressive emotions try going for a run or a high level cardio gym class like kickboxing. If you need more relaxing types of exercise try a yoga or pilates class.

Stress also often encourages people to increase their consumption of recreational drugs, tranquilizer and alcohol. The downside of those unhealthy ways to cope is that their effect is very short lived. Eating a healthy balanced diet might not immediately comfort you but well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress so you will do yourself a favor for the stresses to come.

Make sure you get enough sleep. Research has found that adults need approximately 8 hours of sleep, in winter even more. Feeling rested will decrease your stress and help you to think rationally.

Make time for fun and relaxation

Meditation, massage and breathing exercises have all been found to be excellent ways to reduce stress. Start by planning regular massages, for example once a week for an hour in your lunch break or on Saturday. Some research have found that massage is the best way to release tension from stress overall. Enroll in a meditation class or practice at home with a guided version on CD. Even if it is just twenty minutes a day you are giving your body a well needed and deserved rest from all the mind activities.

Spend some time with friends or positive people that enrich your life. In times of stress it is important to have someone to talk to and it is also important to do something together, like a leisure activity that brings you joy and helps you bond.

Time for reflection and healing

Some people have found tremendous benefit in writing in a journal, letting go of all the thoughts and worries that are cruising around in your head. Stress can also be an invitation to look within and start dealing with any unresolved hurt or pain from your past, which might have been reactivated by your current situation.

All these suggestion should be adapted to the appropriate age and situation of the person experiencing stress. If you need to talk to a specialist about your situation, try your doctor or therapist.

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Source by Nathalie Himmelrich