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In this article I will take a closer look at CarbonCopyPro System. I will define its mechanism, we will also analyze its methodology and why it has become a global marketing phenomenon over the world, appreciated by many, criticized as well.

Basically, Carbon Copy Pro is a system which is designed to educate people about marketing anything, to anybody, anywhere in the world. This system consists of training modules, websites and a well-known community of top internet marketers who teaches other members how to Carbon Copy their success.

Carbon Copy Pro was founded by internet marketing gurus Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. They felt that for internet marketing entrepreneurs there is a solid learning curve, a lack of specific training and not a system in place to guide them every step of the way. Basically, they created a premiere online marketing education system that allows people who diligently follow the system to earn a full-time income within 90 days of starting the business. This is possible because CarbonCopyPro provides his members with the system, the tools and the training to start internet marketing immediately.

Carbon Copy Pro University was recently added which is a totally new concept as far as Internet marketing industry is concerned. The platform consists of learning modules that allows a newbie or experienced marketer to go through different steps so that they can get maximum exposure on the internet. The learning procedure has video tutorials by which experts of relevant fields teach and explain every step. Interactive webinars follow the pre recorded video lectures, to provide members with an experience of “look over my shoulder” type format with top marketers.

A really unique feature of Carbon Copy Pro is that they have their own call center staffed with trained sales professionals (business coaches) to close the sales for all CarbonCopyPRO members. This is literally a game changer in the Home Based Business Industry, since most people suck at sales (and not really like either).

If you want to get access to this community, you need to go through a process (they call it an Application kit) and they will ship to you a DVD and a work book. The Application Kit includes some marketing secrets that were discovered by the talented Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson in their journey to internet marketing success and the exact system that is used to generate leads, customers and prospects is explained.

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Source by Lorenzo Cicetti