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At a recent event, I asked the Sales and Marketing Trainer what she suggested for getting the sale before you walk out the door. There was a lot of discussion going on and most of the people there had an answer to the problem, although many of them were soft sells. I wanted a definite HARD sell response, one that wouldn’t EVER get a “NO” from the client.

For a Pre-Paid Legal Rep, the suggestion was to ask, “Can I set this up on your debit card or would you prefer your checking account?”

The Mary Kay Consultant was told to offer a choice, “Would you like to take the Miracle Pack or the Color Pack home today?”

The Insurance Rep was given several closing suggestions, “I have three packages that would suit you well, but I recommend this one, will you be giving me your check or a debit card to set this up?”

The discussion centered around giving the prospective client choices that didn’t include any “No” answers. Either this date or that date, this product or that product, this service or that service, and you can pay me this way or that way. Ultimately, the objections are done at that point and you’re only giving the client options of payment.

Closing the sale means collecting payment and the options are limited only by the choice of options available. As a business owner, you’ll want to maintain as many payment options as possible to limit the “No” choices. Payment options can be provided by sub-source collections or direct collection routes. Either is doable, some personal preferences may determine choice.

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Source by Jan Verhoeff