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Carbon Copy Pro is an online marketing system developed to market the Wealth Masters International home based business opportunity. It is a funded proposal system patterned after other successful programs on the internet.

The Company and Products

Developed by Jay Kubassek, a rags-to-riches entrepreneur and online marketer, this company offers a replicated website that advertises a business opportunity, but then charges $49 (that is the “funded” part) for prospects to find out information about the business. Once a prospect pays the $49 they receive a DVD — an interview with Kubassek that gives an overview of the company — and 30 days access to their website. During this one-month period the company calls the prospect to sign them up for the Business in a Box ($400), which is a set of 3 DVDs and two marketing manuals that teach personal development and online marketing techniques.

To keep the membership active you will need to pay a $150 subscription fee at the end of the 30 days (and every month thereafter) for access to the back office where their other training is located. Once you have your BiB, then the company wants you to purchase the products that Wealth Masters International sells: DVDs, courses, and seminars on personal development, tax strategies, asset protection, and other investing topics. These are M1 ($1,995 for another set of DVDs), M2 ($8,995 for a wealth conference), and M3 ($12,995 for a special wealth group); but are generally sold as packages. The Platinum Package includes M1 and M2 and is $8995, and the Platinum Plus includes M1, M2, and M3 and is $19,995.

The Program and Compensation

When you are set up and paid you have a replicated website and the ability to earn commissions off of the sales your website makes. All Carbon Copy Pro asks you to do is advertise your website and drive as much traffic there as possible to start the cycle over again. They have a call center that then takes your applicants and attempts to sell them these same products. The company advertises that you will never have to speak to a prospect to make a sale. The compensation plan is multi-tiered so that the commissions you earn depend upon the level that you joined. For example, you can’t make a commission on a M2 or M3 sale if you joined at only an M1.


Carbon Copy Pro offers a respectable product and people are making money with it. The positives for the opportunity are that you get an automated business that you don’t have to create, and it takes the fear of selling out of the equation since you never have to have contact with any prospect. However, I see several flaws in the system. The first and most obvious is the cost. The average person looking for an online opportunity will not have the $3000 to $20,000-plus to get involved and market this opportunity. Secondly, while the products can definitely help the online marketer learn more of the trade, they are standard financial advice and personal development tools that are available other places on the web for much less — and would not stand alone outside of the business opportunity.

Also, while taking the personal touch out can be helpful to some, I think that you will always need some follow-up to build your business. Lastly, by getting the “carbon copy” website, you have now thrown yourself into a sea of thousands of identical sites on the internet, all selling the same thing. There is no personal branding at all, except for branding Jay Kubassek. To market anything online I believe that you need to stand out, and personal branding is an essential part of this. If you are looking for an opportunity with a more desirable product, branding that will set you apart, and a lower entry cost I suggest that you continue your search.

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Source by Keith Hartung