Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Are you promoting a business opportunity? Has your upline ever asked you to put cards in shop windows. (did they give you the money to do it?)

OK. in the UK a shop card will cost approximately £0.50 per week. In most companies you get told to have a minimum of 20 out each week. So that now becomes fee of £10.00 per week. Not much but do it over one year consistently and your spend is now £520.00 every year.

So lets look at what happens. Most people will look at your adverts for about 10 seconds and 50% will dismiss it straight away for whatever reason. That leaves 50% to consider what to do. How many people do you know carry a notepad and pen with them everywhere they go? OK so they put the phone number into their mobile and maybe ring it. They then get through to an answering machine which tells then to leave their details. Ask yourself, would you leave your details with a stranger on the end of a pre edited phone message?

Once in a while somebody will answer the phone and they have been told to never “Sell” the opportunity over the phone so they will skirt around your questions and ask your for your details in order to “Process your application” Sounds reasonable until you say “what is the job?” This is where a trained MLMer will say something in the region of “It’s to difficult to explain over the phone.” ladida…. You get the picture.

So now where are you? Are you going to pin your hopes on a slimmer than 1 in a hundred response rate for £520 per year. Your upline will insist that you need to keep your shop cards going consistently. In reality you will get more calls from people in other networks trying to cross pitch you. They are happy to give you their details as they want to talk to you about what they are doing. If they have more knowledge and experience than you they may coax you away from your opportunity into theirs. They got you through your shop card. How mad is that?

So in reality shops earn money and you get sold down the river again. “Ah but.” Say some. you will get people ringing the number. Of course you will but you are looking for people who have money to invest in themselves not people who want to earn £6.00 an hour sitting at home painting garden gnomes. Aha, now there is an idea…

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Source by John Bassett