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When we think about following-up in Network Marketing, many of us will conjure up an image of nervously picking up the phone to call back everyone who rejected us in the previous month! This is why for many of us the idea of following up in the usual manner is a very daunting prospect.

If your motivation for calling your prospects back is to try to persuade them to partner you in your business, then it should be clear why they might not be particularly enthusiastic to take your calls! But month in and month out we are still encouraged by our sponsors to repeat this process until the frustration and disappointment overwhelms us and we either quit, or look for another way to build our businesses.

If you have found yourself at this point in your business then there are a couple of strategies that you can use to ease the pressure of the  MLM  follow up process.

If you are keen to build your business using the traditional word-of-mouth marketing strategies then the first change you should consider is to always introduce your prospects to the industry of  MLM  before you introduce them to your opportunity.

The follow up process is usually made difficult because prospects have unexpressed objections about the  MLM  industry, or home business in general, so why not share information about the industry before you even invite them to look at your business?

If you ask people close to you to review information about an industry that you have decided to become involved with, rather than asking them to join you, then you are much more likely to draw out all of their objections and questions. If they want to learn more about your business once they have learned about the industry then follow-up is likely to run much more smoothly.

As following-up is about answering questions, you can get most of this out of the way before you even introduce your company. This will mean that your prospects will be closer to making a decision once you have shown them your opportunity.

If you are building your  MLM  business online then follow up can be automated using an email auto-responder series. Each email that you send out to your prospects is a step in the follow-up process.

When you do not already know your prospects (i.e. Online), it is important to use your follow-ups to build a trusting relationship between you and them. Therefore, it is even more important to share a wealth of information about the industry before introducing your company and opportunity. The key to a successful  MLM  follow up system Online is to find a balance between the ‘free information’ you provide and your ‘calls to action’.

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Source by Dr. Andrew Smith