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We have all heard and used the excuse that we’re just too busy to workout. Or at least too busy to get the necessary amount of exercise in to lose weight and look amazing. Fortunately there are many different techniques one can implement in their life to keep the fat burning and to live a fat loss lifestyle.  

But this in no way will be better than getting an actual workout for 30-60 minutes 4-5 times a week that is strictly dedicated to fat burning training. But one will see an improvement in their weight loss as well as their health as long as they use these strategies I’m about to lay out.     

· Trick Yourself Into Working Out. Sometimes when I’m not feeling up to working out I too will find myself not going to the gym. Instead I tell myself I’ll walk the dog and once I get going it becomes a lot easier for me to start running and to get a workout in. Even going for a short walk outdoors can do wonders to relieve stress, which can cause weight gain from releasing the hormone cortisol.

· Meditate & Pray. This might sound like it has nothing to do with losing weight but actually it is very critical to achieving a happy life and to accomplish one’s goals. Every morning I meditate for at least 5 minutes and visualize everything I want to accomplish, not just for today but also for my life. This helps me get off to the right start and I find myself eating better and more likely to workout than if I didn’t

· Check Out Your Posture During the Day. Remind yourself during the day to check out your posture especially when you’re sitting. Such as in the car, at your desk and on the couch. You can even use a stability ball at your desk instead of a chair, which will help to automatically keep a great posture.

· Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Day. Can’t preach this point enough. Eating a larger healthy breakfast will get your metabolism going and if you eat healthy first thing in the morning you’ll be much more likely to eat healthy throughout the day.

· Stretch Your Tight Muscles. Listen to your body and make sure that you stretch those tight muscles in particular. Tight muscles will cause imbalances in your body and will undoubtedly cause an injury, therefore, killing your workout routine. Also invest in a foam roller and try to get a massage at least once a month. Hiring a personal trainer for a couple of sessions can also improve your results and get your motivation inspired.

· Listen to Your Body. Usually there is going to be a pain barrier between you and success. Success in this case is having a great body and living a healthy lifestyle. We all have to push past it to get the best results. But sometimes by listening to your body, you can have the even better results. Taking a 30-minute power nap is a great investment on your healthy and productivity later. Even though you may think you don’t have the time to nap, it will improve your happiness and will let you get more stuff done.

Getting the body of your dreams is going to be more work than just going to the gym and having a kick ass workout. Even though you need those great workouts, implementing many more techniques will be much more effective in living a healthy lifestyle.

As a Napa personal trainer I realize how much work it can be to have a great body but implement these strategies, especially the one with eating a healthy breakfast every day. A healthy fat loss breakfast will explode your weight loss progress and will get your metabolism boosting!

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Source by Josh Schlottman