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Welcome to fifth and final installment in our five part series on Multi Level Marketing Software Secrets for Saving You Tons of Time, Energy and Money.  My purpose with this series is to review some of the best (and the worst) software out there so that you can dramatically increase your sales while just as dramatically reducing the time and energy you put into your business.

For pretty much everyone I’ve met in business, the single greatest obstacle they’ve faced, the single greatest impediment to their success, hasn’t been their marketing, their time management or their recruitment skills.  It’s been something a lot closer to home – their mindset!

Yes, how you see yourself, how effectively your deal with your fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs and the clarity of your purpose will have vastly more influence on the outcome of your business endeavors – to say nothing of your personal life – than any other set of factors.  What goes on “between your ears” is critical to your results.

My Mindset Pilgrimage:

When I first got into business about 8 years ago, I faced some tough mindset barriers, the kind that naturally come up when you’re entirely new to something and lack the confidence that comes from success.  So I began a mindset search of my own, a search for ways to deal with my inner reality so I could optimize outer results.  In 2006 I founded the Mindset Mastery Virtual Bootcamp, where I interviewed about 15 of the world’s top mindset experts and got them to share their wisdom.  And finally, in 2007, I and two of my business partners coauthored a mindset program that’s now widely considered so good, it’s been promoted by many stars of the hit mindset movie, The Secret.

After that, my own search turned toward innovative ways to leverage technology to bypass the conscious mind and “rewire” the subconscious, where all the negative programming is firmly entrenched.  And that’s where I came across and validated what I’m going to share with you now. 

The Super Mind Evolution System

This amazing system of downloadable audios hinges on the discovery that with suitable training, the human mind can simultaneously maintain both its normal beta frequency waking state (14+ cycles per second) and a more relaxed alpha (7-13 cycles per second) or even theta state (3-7 cycles per second).

These lower frequencies, common during parts of the sleep cycle or meditation, allow you to consciously reprogram your brain at will so that you become, in effect, your own hypnotist. 

This means that once you can induce this state at will – and that’s easily learned through the software – you’ll be able to move on to learn how to “create your own luck”, to activate your intuition reliably, to practice remote viewing or to improve your business results using remote influence. 

This whole program rests on the privately funded research of New Zealand’s Jim Francis and years of laboratory trials and tweaks.  It’s now made public by Iain Legg and Phil Busbridge under the names “Super Mind Evolution System” and “Real Mind Power Secrets”.   

As a meditation teacher, I’m very impressed by the system’s ability to induce deep relaxation in a waking state and overcome fears, doubts and self-limiting beliefs.  It’s definitely a winner. 

The Subliminal Video Messages Series

Nelson Berry’s Subliminal Video Message products are simplicity itself.  The fact that subliminal video messages are processed by the human brain and translated into attitude, behavior and therefore results was established decades ago and led to legal bans on subliminal advertising. 

Now that same technology has been harnessed for beneficial purposes, like improving your social skills and relationships of all kinds, rewiring your beliefs about money and success, and much more.  The videos present a series of images related to the subject at hand, together with a sound track designed to induce a relaxed state.  And the subliminal messages are overlaid on the images in such a way that the conscious mind can rarely if ever process them. 

The results the system has been getting for people are very impressive and from my own experience there’s no doubt at all how effective this procedure has been for me personally.  And that’s hardly surprising: while we’re young we soak up all the messages from our environment and hardwire them into ourselves without thinking.  Now there’s a way to become a “sponge” again and deliberately absorb only the positive messages of our choosing.

So if you’re a super-busy entrepreneur, the kind who’s so busy that you have to outsource your visualization, you might want to give one or both of these systems a try.  They don’t take much time and the results they give you will almost certainly be out of all proportion to the time you put in.

One caveat, though.  As with any other “therapeutic” approach, you have to apply these systems consistently and methodically.   They’re not a magic pill you can just swallow once and forget.  So if you’re willing to be consistent, this may be for you.  And my final piece of advice: get one system and use it consistently for 30 days before you try the other.  That way, you’ll be more focused and get better results, and you’ll know for sure where your results came from. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed our 5-part series on Multi Level Marketing Software Secrets.  Make judicious use of the software we’ve covered in this series and you’re sure to save yourself huge amounts of time, energy and money. 

Happy marketing! 

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