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Old School – New School MLM?

I’ve had many people ask me “what’s the best way to sponsor people into an opportunity… online or offline”?

My answer is always the same, “where does your audience live, where is your market, where do you have influence, what results can you get right now?

Many people place a focus on methods instead of results. Methods we learn, results keep us in business.

The priority when starting up a home based business is to get results quickly. This inspires confidence builds enthusiasm and income.

In years past you either made a list and contacted them or you cold called, face to face or by phone. This was a tough road.

Then the advent of the internet.

Initially very few could harness the complexities of building a website using HTML code let alone the psychology of copy writing or online recruiting.

Then came the MLM companies with the financial capacity to develop replicated sites. Some enterprising distributors would develop their own websites exclusive for their teams with capture pages (landing/squeeze pages).

Once a person entered their information access was given to ‘Tour’ the site and have the opportunity presented to them.

This was seen, at the time, as revolutionary.

The distributor cry rang out loud, “no more meetings, no more endless hours of business presentations”.

Although these state of the art systems drew many new people into the home business arena, the one vital component that still thing that was missing was… who to share the information with once a persons list was exhausted.

Also, the concern with group websites and company replicated sites was and still is, ALL information captured of the prospect is shared between you and the company or your upline.

This lead many smart individuals to then begin their own blog by promoting themselves through personal branding based on the Attraction Marketing business model.

*WordPress (a website framework) changed the way for many budding marketers wanting to have an online presence.

*WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and with fewer users than you can count on your fingers and toes. Since then it has grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. (Copied from WordPress)

So with a WordPress Theme in hand, there was just one more vital ingredient missing.

How to keep in contact with multiple prospects on a global basis 24/7.

Enter ‘ The Autoresponder ‘…

With ‘autoresponder’s’ attraction marketers were now able to capture their own enquiries and develop their own unique relationships with a growing number of ‘information hungry’ prospects.

This was seen to be the last bastion of liberation for the home based business owner. They had total control. They could attract the people, not the actual opportunity. They would do this by offering value to others by showing them how to generate leads and even fund their business while learning.

Even today, some companies frown on this.

They prefer that distributors are only loyal to them, they do not like their members in multiple opportunities, big or small. Check the policy of the company you may be with, they all have certain conditions.

So let’s get back to the original question:

“What’s the best way to people sponsor into an opportunity, online or offline”.

Consider this…

The prospect of people automatically signing up with in your primary business just because the saw your website/blog can happen but as the saying goes, “quick to click, quick to quit”

Signing people up in your business can be based on a spur of the moment thing by an excited individual. It can also be based on a relationship that you have developed over a period of time with this person.

More often than not it is based on trust. Confidence in you and your leadership.

Sustainable MLM business’s are always based on strong relationships.

Having said that, it would mean that to build a solid long term business we need to develop relationships with those we connect with. This is the activity that produces results.

Historically, MLM was commonly tagged as ‘conversational marketing’ or ‘trust marketing’. People are influenced by personal recommendations from a distributor/friend or someone they have developed a relationship with.

But there’s a simple disclaimer here. Whatever method you and your team promote and however you do it has to be duplicable.

Modern systems in an old school business’s can work well, but it is still down to personal recommendation.

Simply sharing information via a CD or DVD has been the trend for many years and is an excellent way to introduce people to your opportunity straight out of the gate.

Sherman Unkefer, an industry veteran with a Juice Company has built a team in excess of 700,000 distributors using what he terms “The Magic Wand” System. Sharing a simple CD.

Systems like this are simple to teach and duplicate throughout a team.

But to build a long term business it will take more than teaching distributors how to share information.

Distributors need to know how to ‘Market’, where to find leads when their warm list of friends and family eventually dry up.

People rarely quit a business if they are making money, sure there might be exceptions but generally this is a fact.

So why would someone quit?

Their warm market list dries up.

They get rejected and feel rejected.

They may have little support or training

They run out leads or simply can’t fund their business… the list goes on!

So why would someone stay?

They have a growing list of Prospects.

They don’t get rejected.

They have support and quality training.

They have an endless supply of leads and they can fund their business!

If you’re building a home based MLM business it is important for you and for your new distributor to have a duplicable system that can provide a marketing system and a training platform 24/7.

A self funded marketing system based on the ‘Attraction Marketing’ business model that will allow you and your team to generate a constant flow of fresh leads each day.

Sure, it can take time to master but it is something that can be implemented from day one.

It starts with you helping/teaching a new person to approach their warm and at the same time providing them with a marketing system to run on. Both methods can be started in Day 1.

Your #1 goal should be to help your new distributor earn an income!

Anything worthwhile takes time, but as the famous goes:

Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are – Teddy Roosevelt

Check out my Blog below to find out how you can implement a system within 15 minutes and begin to earn an income online.

To Your Success… Keep it Simple and Professional

Russ Stewart

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