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Success and failure are two sides of the same coin…it takes as much effort to fail as it does to succeed, where that effort GOES is up to you..

Those of us that have chosen to take the road less traveled and chosen the path of the network marketer all seem to share the same story, at first. Prior to entering the industry we were living our lives beneath our true potential working jobs that were dissatisfying and we all felt that there was something greater for us out there. Then we are introduced to the network marketing industry, and if you are like me, you quickly become gripped by the success stories and people conquering their fears and limitations, so you become involved in the industry. Once you have joined a business, however, the cloud of success stories evaporates and your face gets pressed against the realities of the sidewalk you realize that this is not what you signed on for. There are exceptions, if you have owned a business before you have a fair grip on the toil and effort involved in building a business but to quote Mike Dillard “this is an industry of business ownership largely pursued by people who never been business owners.” So at this point there is one of two choices a person can make, the lesser of us start to whine and complain that it’s too hard and ultimately their frustration leads them to quit and become just another drop in a sea of network marketing skeptics. Those of us with more resolve, realize that network marketing is the vehicle to the lifestyle that is going to free us from our current lackluster situations, so we search to learn the necessary SKILLS to achieve this success. In our quest to further our knowledge base about this industry we will inevitably come across the revered Magnetic Sponsoring course. This course has been described as the successful networkers bible and rightfully so; within the pages of the course Mike Dillard dispels the myths about the industry, addresses the concerns and obstacles of network marketers and how to overcome them. I’ll give you a few:

1. The first of these is becoming an Alpha Networker. If you are not familiar with the term, it refers to the individuals on your team or within your company that have thousands of people in their downline and in the book he describes the steps you need to take to become that person. He also describes the opposite of this which is the beta networker. These are the individuals that live in a fear and scarcity mindset and as a result their businesses suffer and eventually fail. He describes the character traits of these individuals so you know what to avoid.

2. The second of these is implementing billion dollar direct marketing strategies into your home business. The most deadly sin that most network marketing companies are guilty of is they do not teach an effect STRATEGY to their distributors. The majority of network marketing companies promote strategies that worked for them in the past but the marketplace has evolved and rendered their strategies useless. What Mike did here is he took the principles that real-world businesses like McDonald’s use and showed you not only how to implement them in your business but why they are effective.

3. The third of these is he introduces the funded proposal concept to newbies. What the funded proposal allows you to do is provide value to your prospects by giving them a free report, or video boot camp that positions you as an alpha networker and someone whom they can GAIN value with by associating with you, once they see you as a leader and trust you, then you can market yourself and your business opportunity the RIGHT way.

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Source by Andi S. Garba