Get LEADS On Autopilot!

 MLM  marketing online is easy, if you get a couple of key points. These principles came about during a conversation I had with my mentor. Have you ever wanted to be your mentor or the top guy in your company? Did you ever want to just be them for one day to get your business off the ground? Well, you can. Basically, if you follow these 4 steps, you are going to be like your hero on steroids. So here’s how to rip off your mentor, so to speak, because they are doing this stuff every day.

Rip Off 1 – Do your own presentations!

I can’t say this enough. There is something magical about doing your own presentations. I call it the “Secret of the Magic Marker” it is, “He who holds the marker, makes the money.” Basically, you gain credibility and build rapport when doing your own presentations. You also get better with practice and time. You should be doing some type of presentation at least once per week. Now that doesn’t have to be a company presentation, or live, or on a webinar. It could be a short training on something you learned, just record it. It could be a PowerPoint recorded and put up on YouTube. Whatever it is, you should be doing or making some type of presentation to the public, at least once per week.

Rip Off 2 – Listen to other leaders

You need to spend time listening to other leaders. There are a lot of them out there. It doesn’t matter if they’re not in your company, go to the presentations and listen. Listen to not just what they say, but how they say it and why. What is going to happen is you are going to get better at your own presentations. By simply listening to people that know what they are doing, you are going to get better. Remember, you are also doing your own presentations weekly so you’ll be getting lots of practice.

Rip Off 3 – Write every day

This is essential. You need to take some time every day to write. It could be in a business journal, or a blog post, or some type of article. What ever it is, you need to write. The reason is, is that writing is a slower process than talking and it allows you time to think and organize your thoughts. I personally write in a business journal every day and keep up with a blog post or two a week. I recommend blogging but whatever you do, write.

Rip Off 4 – Get traffic to your site

Ok, you have been doing your own presentations and making videos. Right? You should be recording everything you do. If you’re not, you are wasting time. Record everything and have it posted. Now people have a way to hear you loud and clear. At this point you have learned a lot and your presentation skills are through the roof. Now, all you need are eyeballs to your presentations and presto, you’re showing 100 presentations a week and you’re not even there. Pretty cool, huh? Make sure you have a way of following up with your new found prospects. If you’re in  MLM  or Network Marketing, and you still don’t know how to get things done massively online, click the link below or just sign in and I will show you how to rip off the top guys and do it the way they do. They are online and you should be too.

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Source by Jeremy Reece