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We have to admit, there are a lot of ways to get rich in America. I was involved for years in a business model that, in my opinion, was far superior to anything else I had ever tried to make money at because I was able to leverage the infrastructure of a large international corporation, be an independent business owner, use their brand and use their credibility, to make more money then I ever had in my life to that point.

The problem was I became a sold-out SLAVE to my business (maybe just like you). It required a SUPER HUMAN amount of personal involvement and it required me to work 60-70 hours a week to maintain a life style that was just above broke. So I decided at that moment, there’s NO business worth working your life away for and I mentally “CHECKED-OUT”. As Eric Worre says, I sought “a better way”!

You can make a lot of money and have financial freedom in a lot of ways with a great business model BUT if you can’t put it together with having TIME freedom as well, you’re a slave to it! Period!

Were You Sold on a Dream or a Fantasy?

Let’s be extremely honest for a moment; If you build a business by prospecting for recruits it will never end! Here’s another truth, if you build your business using 3 way calls and you actually become good at it and your down-line explodes because your so effective on the phone, did you realize your setting your self up to be enslaved to it. You’re living a FANTASY if you believe you’re going to be free when you’re doing the very things that have enslaved you in the past. Be sure they will enslave you in the future if you keep doing it.

Did you start a network marketing business to trade one form of slavery (a job or demanding career your burnt-out on) to only adopt another form of slavery (prospecting and 3 way calls) or did you get into MLM because you were sold on a DREAM that was drawn out on the white board that showed you how to have a leveraged income in order to have your time freedom as well as financial freedom?

At least that’s the way it was presented to me (except for the white board part; it was actually a power point presentation.

Marketing vs. Prospecting in your Network Marketing Business

Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of creating a leveraged income to have time freedom if you have to continually be prospecting for the right person at the right time with the right opportunity. Here’s the brutal facts; if you choose to build a network marketing business by prospecting you’ll never stop prospecting, you’ll always be engaged in it and you won’t ever get away from it!

Would your business be dramatically different if instead of “prospecting” for people to take a look at your network marketing business, you were able to connect with 10 to 20 people everyday who willingly gave you their email, expressing an interest in your business? Would that be a game changer for you?

Here’s a survey: See what category you would consider more appealing.

1) Seeking | or | Being Sought

2) Trading your job for another job | or | Building a business and having a life at the same time

3) Never ending follow ups and 3 way calls | or | Only talk to people who join your business

4) Recruit people by prospecting | or | Recruit without ever picking up the phone

5) Spend 85% of your time on the activity that won’t produce income | or | Spend 85% of your time on what will make you money

6) Don’t really care

So what’s it going to be? Marketing or Prospecting? Because the last time I looked, the profession I was in was the network MARKETING business NOT the network PROSPECTING business!

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Source by Jamie J LeBlanc