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They say you become the best at the things you are the worst at. I was terrible with overcoming objections in MLM. I would listen to CD after CD on objection handling only to discover that my prospects had not heard the CDs so they would say different lines.

Jokes apart, I was bad. I would always see sense in what the other guy said and agree with him. I had read that they lie. But I couldn’t believe they would be lying. Many said they didn’t have time. A lot said they didn’t have money. And I would just shake my head and think that I had to look for the next one.

One day, in discussion with my mentor I discovered that I had lost many of my best prospects because I had bought their lies. They were salesmen and they had sold me on a time-less, money-less future for both of us. I discovered that they were actually only putting up a facade to test my response. They were testing whether I took their shit or led them to a better future.

It was devastating. I realized that I had led many futures to disaster by not actually taking the lead. I thought I was empathizing but I was actually escaping. This was not a good thought.

As if to compensate, my mentor gave me the solution for the next time and ever since. He said that I must truly empathize and say so vocally. The dialog would go something like…

“I don’t have time”

“Aha! You are so right. I agree with you. You have a job and tuition in the evening. Where could you have time? But may I ask you a question?”


“Well, firstname, let’s say you had time, why would you want to set up an MLM business anyway?”

Now there were two options. Either we would peel the onion and discover the next level of objection or we would find a reason why they could like to build the business. In case we came upon a reason, we had a handle to build a dream. In case we got another objection…

“Well, it’s not that I couldn’t have time, it’s just that I can’t see myself making time for this”… then we’d ask “why” again.

“Because my friend’s neighbor did this once and failed”

Now we’re getting closer to the true objection. We probably have a fear of failure or image problem to handle. And that we can.

Alternatively if the prospect had said “I don’t want to set up an MLM business” again we could ask “Why” and we’d get closer to the real objection.

So you see, successive “whys” followed by empathy help in overcoming objections in MLM.

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Source by David Writer