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Do you ever wonder why there are some people in every MLM business who achieve massive financial success and build HUGE downlines seemingly overnight? What kind of MLM marketing system are they using, and is it different than the one they are teaching to the over 94% of other MLM business owners who struggle to break even or whose businesses outright fail?

Here’s a hint: the answer is a big, loud, resounding YES!

The reason that these “big earners” in your business became big earners has NOTHING to do with them being better at building a business. They aren’t any smarter or harder working than you are.

What has your company and/or your upline told you to do to successfully build your business? Let me guess…

They have told you that you need to BUY everything from large quantities of “samples” of your product, to a cookie-cutter company website, to business cards, to car window stickers, to brochures. Then they told you that you needed to approach both people you know as well as complete strangers and push the business opportunity. Finally, they make you think that having them help you –whether by sitting in on teleconferences or meetings — would help you build your business.

It has NOTHING to do with business cards, car magnets, corner signs, setting up kiosks or approaching complete strangers. It has nothing to do with any of MLM marketing system techniques that virtually every new MLM business owner is taught by their upline or company.

The reason that they succeed and so many others struggle is very simple: They just know two KEY things about how to market an MLM business that you don’t about how to create an MLM marketing system that really works. Also, they don’t share these two key things with you.

So what are these two KEY things that they know about how to build an effective and successful MLM marketing system? Here they are:

1. You need to create a system that brands YOU – not your company, your product or your upline.

2. You need to create a system that your distributors can use that’s equally powerful as the one you’ve created.

These two key things are part of one big concept, which is that building a successful MLM business revolves around creating “YOU, INC.” What I mean by “You, Inc.” is that you need to position yourself as a leading authority — an expert — in your respective niche market. Network marketing (or leverage marketing as I like to refer to it) is all about learning to market yourself as having the solution or the answer, and not as a person who is a spokesman for another person or a company who has all the answers.

So you need to keep your positioning in mind when creating and constructing every part of your business — everything that you create, write, send out or make available on the Internet needs to revolve around you as the expert. So everything — from your website, to your data capture page, to any content you create, to any teleconferences/webinars, to any digital products you create — should position you as the expert.

That is what is going to get people to want to sign up for your list and sign up to become part of your business. That is when you you will have created an MLM marketing system that will lead you to massive success in your business. That is what will have you building your business faster than you ever imagined.

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Source by Terry Duff