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This is an unbiased company review of the Silver Coin Reserve wealth collecting business opportunity. The Official launch date of the latest and greatest Home business opportunity is set to take place around May of 2010. It’s not a big surprise to see the home based business industry tapping into the gold and silver industry due to the recent prices for gold and silver coins, but before you jump in head first you should do some homework.

Silver Coin Reserve – The Company

Upon researching the Corporate website unfortunately, I cannot find out to much about the actual company. The most information I can find is located under the contact us page where they simply leave an email address and telephone number, no physical street address. This kind of made me a little suspicious, after searching Google the only thing I can find is a merchant article about the company posted in January 2010 with this address, HC67 Box 5 Canadian, OK 74425. The Silver Coin Reserve calls themselves a silver and gold acquisition company and claims that they are not a multi level or   MLM  compensation plan however; they do have different levels you can obtain.

The Product – Silver Coins

The product is a $100 dollar per month auto ship of .999 pure silver specialty coins. Now as of what kind and quantity of actual coins you will receive that is the big question. After searching deeper for more information I cannot find any other information on what kind of silver coins you will receive each month.

The Pricing

If you would like to become an associate of the Silver Coin Reserve home business opportunity their is a one time fee of $50 which covers website access, online information and the ability to receive 50% commission on specialty coin sales you make. You make $50 monthly for every ongoing $100 per month sale you make, after you make 5 sales you are invited to buy $250 per month in silver coins (not required) and you have the ability to make $125 off of coin sales and it grows from their after you sell 5 $250 memberships. Check the SCR corporate website for exact compensation schedule.

Conclusion And Recommendations

After researching the company and the products their just is not enough information to give a full thumbs up, I would be cautious and do more individual research on the company. In their defense at the time of this article they have not even done a pre launch which may explain the lack of information. It’s just odd how this company surfaced on the Internet just months after the launch of the red hot Numis Network numismatic coin  MLM  which I have also reviewed on my blog and on EzineArticles. In closing the secret to building long term success in any home based business is to brand yourself and not the company. In the fly by night world of home based businesses you must understand that they should be used as an income stream and nothing more. People follow people not companies so here are my secret tips to success…

  • Build a list
  • Build a relationship with the list
  • Monetize and market to the list
  • Separate the tire kickers form the serious prospects
  • Sign up new distributors

You must become a leader in the field and offer some kind of value or education, It doesn’t matter if you are selling Xyngular products or promoting the Silver Coin Reserve, become an expert in your field, offer value and education, and brand yourself not the company.

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Source by Mike Fuller