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There are many differences between an expert marketer and one who is inexperienced. But the most pronounced mistake the inexperienced ones make most often is being bad listeners.

Communication is never a one-way traffic. Even if you have a very important point to make you must allow your listener the luxury of making his point too. It is a very good way to learn about your listener better, while showing some respect for his opinions too. Being a good listener will enable you see where a prospective client is coming from. In addition, you will come to understand his fears and expectations so you know how to tackle them positively.

But it is really unfortunate that the inexperienced ones are too quick to make converts, and as such pay little or no attention to what a prospective client has to say. The irony of it is that even when they allow a client time to speak, their listening ability is poor. This is evident when they start responding to questions posed by clients. Their poor response normally make clients question if they truly care about their feelings.

There are no two persons with absolutely the same line of thinking or reacting. There must be differences as their experience in life are never the same. People even have reasons why they do not want to succeed? Is that surprising to you? Well, not to me as I have met someone who never wanted to succeed as he envisaged it was going to make him too proud to breathe. And may also jeopardize the simple life he would love to lead. An inexperienced marketer may want to convince him how that his beliefs are not true. He will try to force the person to believe that his is better. And that is just a recipe for failure. But on the contrary, an expert marketer understands how dear a simple lifestyle is to the person as he speaks. So, an expert will make him see how succeeding as a network marketer will help him lead a simpler life than he never thought.

The secret is just simple. If you allow people to talk more than you do they will unconsciously give you the tools you need to help win them over. Try to engage your client with questions that will prompt him talking as much as he can. Never try to stop him when he is talking to avoid diversion. You can only do so if you find out he is trying to make a digression from a point that seems to be central to his person. For example, some people may not feel comfortable letting you know they have a low self-esteem. They will try as much as possible to cause a diversion anytime they talk toward that point. Experts know how to sniff that and take it from there too.

A good listener also shows that he really cares about the needs of the other person. Learn to ask the right questions that will keep your client talking. And when he starts talking know that it is time for you to play the magical role of a good listener. Make them understand how network marketing can make them lead the kind of lifestyle they want, while giving them opportunity to develop themselves in different ways too.

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Source by Weilin Chang