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FACT: Unless you’re financially independent right now and you are able to live off the money that you have accumulated for the rest of your life, Guess what, you are going to have to work. You are going to have to expend energy and time somewhere and get paid for it. It could be your job or your business but either way, you’re gonna have to to. The choice is yours.

I know how frustrating Network Marketing can be sometimes. Money leaking out, no leads pouring in and those whom you’ve managed to plug into your team are either dormant and not producing or they quit and jump around from opportunity to opportunity. It’s just the nature of the beast.

Before you follow suit and hang your boots as well, consider this.

You’re going to have to expend energy at a job you probably hate or one that doesn’t fulfill you or you’re going to expend your energy on something that contains the mechanics of wealth, like Network marketing.

If you choose the latter, you will have to go through the process that every top-earner in the Industry has been through. Initially, you’ll be the the guy/gal in the audience wondering, “When will I be that guy who’s receiving checks on a weekly basis?”

“When will I be the one on stage talking about how I’m doing it and how I’m succeeding?

“when is it going to happen to me?”

That will be your trial by fire and for 99.9% of you out there, it’s inevitable. However, think about this.

How long does it take at any regular job to get a promotion and how much more money do you really get to make once that promotion comes through after waiting 5,6, or more year?

Network marketing is not a super wham! bam! personal money printing machine no matter what you’ve heard. It is a journey, it’s a process and it’s not really that hard, it just takes time. It’s designed to take time. You’ll get scared, frustrated and have doubts flooding your brain faster than a breached levee.

Make peace with the process and enjoy the game. Choose to have fun with it. Laugh when prospects say NO and laugh at them when they call you a scam, scum or shmuck. Laugh because they honestly don’t know what they’re talking about.

If you truly and completely believe in your network marketing business, then you know that what you’re pursuing is a life of total financial freedom and it’s the right thing to do. No one out there is going to come and pay your rent, your car payment or put dinner on the table for your family. Why do you care what anybody says or thinks?

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Source by Anthony M Kibe