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Cprime is the brainchild of 25 year old Rob DeBoer who some people may remember for his involvement with the so called illegal pyramid scheme Burnlounge. This is yet another company (currently in pre launch stage) entering into the saturated health and wellness industry and their only product to date is a “magic” bracelet named the Neo Band.

The Neo Band is made from strong polyurethane and stainless steel and comes in a wide variety of colors. It is claimed to have powers, within a patented technology, that help improve a person’s overall performance by balancing out their internal microscopic electrons which in turn enhances their strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. There is not an awful lot of information about the company although DeBoer has many testimonials on the website from well known celebrities endorsing the product.

Cprime also offer a multi level marketing opportunity to become a distributor and sell the bracelet to other people as well as recruiting new distributors. The compensation plan works on a binary system and there are seven ways to earn money through various bonus levels. You are also required to maintain their autoship program. Distributors receive a replicated website as well access to the company’s back office support team.

So is there money to be made with this Cprime opportunity? As mentioned above, Rob DeBoer’s involvement with Burnlounger may worry some people, but the product itself seems to be quite unique and has some big names endorsing it. It is early days yet, but in most   MLM  businesses it is advantageous to get a foot in the door at the early stages. Ultimately, success is going to be dependent upon an individual’s marketing skills and techniques since no matter what the product is, if that person cannot sell both himself and the product, then he is going to struggle to make any sort of residual income.

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Source by Dane Tanodra