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Now, building a network marketing business is serious and needs to be approached from a professional business mindset, BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it and have fun doing it!

Let’s face it:

If you don’t enjoy what you do on a daily basis, then you probably need to change careers or find a better, more enjoyable way to build your network marketing business.

The reality is that most people spend most of their time trying to FIND good prospects, and therefore only have small bursts of time with someone who is actually interested. They spend most of their working time stressing to find people who will listen to their pitch.

This creates frustration because they know if they don’t find enough people who will listen, then they won’t have enough people who will sign up; which in turn, means they won’t be able to make the money they need and want to make if this doesn’t happen.

What this does is make the prospecting and sales process a stressful event that may not be fun unless that prospect does actually sign up. If they don’t, you look back and realize all the time you spend trying to get in front of them or present to them as a waste of your time (and rightly so).

This type of frustration is what can lead to distributor burn-out and drop-out, and nobody likes that.


First of all, if you are not enjoying the process, your results are not up to par AND your prospects can sense your stress and urgency to sign them up.


There are plenty of fish in the sea (with more being thrown in all the time), and there is no need to create this false sense of urgency to the prospect. The prospect will get involved in their own time, not yours. If you try to force it, they will either shut you down right there OR they will get buyers remorse and drop out a few months or even weeks later.

Sure, you need to help that person to see what’s in it for them, but you don’t need to hard core close them or hype things up to make it more exciting for them.

If you have a proven, results-based marketing system in place: You can generate a ton of your own high-quality leads that are responsive to your message and have the time to consult with them in a relaxed, non-sales type of environment and get better results.

Doing this will free up your time so you are spending 80%+ of your work time with interested prospects and signing people up, and only 20% or less finding them.

This will also allow you to relax more because you are not stressed about having enough interested people to talk to, AND (if you have an effective marketing system in place) you are able to make passive income while building your long term residual income.

A big killer in   MLM  is that initial commission you make in the form of a sign-up bonus or first product sale. Don’t put your focus there: Put it into building the residuals and start using an effective marketing system that will allow you to earn passive cash every time you generate a lead. This upfront money will keep you going while your residuals grow.

Last, but not least: Enjoy the time you spend with prospects and team members. Don’t be thinking of ‘how can I get this person in’. Just relax, ask questions to determine their specific needs and wants, and if your solution fits their situation – present it to them in a consultative manner and look to improve their end throughout the conversation.

Doing business like this gets you much better results; and better results is always fun!

You can and should have fun in building your network marketing business IF you are using the proper tools and if you know how to truly attend to people’s needs and consult, not sell.

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Source by Scott Rogers