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Being one of the old-school companies, is Melaleuca a good fit for you? After someone close to me gave the Melaleuca products to try, I thought I would take a look at the business and found it very interesting.

Manufacturing products such as lotions, cleaners, vitamins and even toothpaste, Melaleuca has close to 400 eco-friendly products at great prices. Established in 1985, the company’s sales has approached almost $1 billion and seems to grow bigger every year. The growth of the company, I feel, is due to the quality of the products, the quality of the executive team and a very simple concept, if people like the products as well as store bought brands and they can acquire these products at a better price point then the market brands then customers will continue to buy, after all, this is merchandise they would be going to the store for anyways.

The people associated with Melaleuca say it’s not an  MLM  but with its partner base structure it seems very similar. Melaleuca members earn commissions on products purchased from the company by the end-user, there are various bonus features in the compensation plan similar to an  MLM .

Melaleuca sells good eco-friendly products at a great price, the debate whether it is in  MLM  or not is not very important, they have a very good business model.

I do think that the business partners and Melaleuca would benefit from a more online-based strategy. Introducing their products to a bigger audience, through savvy Internet Marketing Techniques could only help grow the company by recruiting more business associates and generating more sales.

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Source by Alex M. Martinez