Get LEADS On Autopilot!

If you are a distributor for Juice Plus, your success will ultimately be determined by one crucial factor: How well you know how to market your Juice Plus business. The main reason why so many people end up giving up in network marketing is because they were never taught the right ways to market their MLM business.

If you have struggled in building your Juice Plus business, please know that it’s not your fault. What is most important is that you take the time to learn the new wave of marketing your business opportunity. My advice is that you forget about trying to get your friends and family to buy your products or join your business. This can work to an extent, but it is very limited and often very frustrating more many Juice Plus distributors.

The new wave of marketing is based on web 2.0 technology and social media. If you know how to use websites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace effectively, you can do incredibly well in network marketing. Likewise, I encourage you to learn the art of making online videos and distributing them on websites like YouTube and Viddler.

If you learn how to do internet marketing in the right way, it will pay off enormously for your business. There are an unlimited number of potential leads for your business online–way more than your warm market of friends, family, or colleagues.

The internet is a goldmine of opportunity that very few of your team members are really utilizing to its fullest advantage. If you want to be a leader in Juice Plus and build a 6 figure business, commit to learning how to market online.

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Source by Kevin Doherty