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If you’re currently trying to build a team within an MLM or network marketing company you are aware that leads, fresh people to speak with, are the lifeblood of your business. The bottom line is if you want to grow your business consistently you must have a fresh and growing supply of leads or your business is no business at all. That’s why network marketing prospecting is so very important to the serious business builder.

Of course when it comes to network marketing prospecting there are the “old school” methods such as flyers, business cards, dvds, and home meetings. This names just a few and these can generate some results, but they take a lot of work and patience. Also, not everyone including me has the personality type to really get out there and have that talent to basically sell a stranger on the first meeting. In my opinion, this is not very targeted, but shouldn’t be avoided completely in growing your business with network marketing prospecting.

Recommend Network Marketing Prospecting Strategy

This is the 21st century and there is a little thing called the internet which can be a networker’s best friend, but also can become very overwhelming for the “newbie” marketer. At first you will start off online and think this business is simple, until you don’t start seeing the results that you were expecting, and then it becomes a matter of where to start and what to do. This network marketing prospecting thing seems to become almost impossible, and most new online marketers go through a stage of doubt of whether or not it can really happen. I’m here to tell you it can and implementing a few of the network marketing prospecting strategies below can significantly cut your learning curve and get you on the fast track to success in the shortest amount of time possible. So the top strategy of top earners is marketing their businesses online, and here are a few tips you can start today.

1. Create A Brand For Yourself. This is the single most important activity you can begin when it comes to network marketing prospecting. This definitely falls into the category of “attraction marketing.” If that is an unfamiliar term to you then I suggest reading Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring immediately. This will get you on the right start with the right foundation. The best thing you could do to create a brand for yourself is to set-up a self-hosted blog. Along with that you can begin building up your twitter and Facebook followers creating a presence in the online social media sites. This is a slow process to building leads and will eventually start to produce some consistent results.

2. Always Purchase A Domain Name. This is so important and will give you a professional image online, and that in itself can carry a lot of weight in authority. Mask forward this domain name to your replicated website provided by your network marketing company. An important point to remember is that it is always more important when your network marketing prospecting to drive leads to a lead capture page especially online or else your basically repeating the “old school” methods again.

3. Have Your Own Auto-Responder Set-Up. This is very important and many new marketers come online and make a fatal mistake to their business by promoting their company replicated websites and never have the opportunity to capture their prospect’s name and email address so the process of following up can begin. With an auto-responder and a lead capture page in place this will allow your network marketing prospecting to be both effective and automated. Studies have proved repeatedly that a person has to see a message 7-12 times before making a purchase so staying in front of your prospects through network marketing prospecting is very important to your online success.

4. Have A Branded Lead Capture Page. Yes, having a branded lead capture page when you’re network marketing prospecting is essential to the long term success of your business. This capture page should have your auto-responder connected to it so when a prospect does fill out your form with their name and email address, you will have the opportunity to sell to them more than once.

These are a few of the very many network marketing prospecting tips out there, but just by implementing these you will definitely lead ahead of much of your competition.

There is such a system on the internet believe it or not that integrates everything that I have discussed in this article together to form a very powerful attraction marketing system. It has all of the elements necessary to brand you, promote you, and develop you into the leader that you must be to earn a significant income online. Also, it will teach you how to do network marketing prospecting like a pro because you will be taught by the top earners online how they play this game. Simply visit my blog for more information.

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Source by Nathan Watson