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Do people become successful by accident, simply by chance, or is there more to it? Many people go about their daily life, year in year out, on autopilot exercising the ‘Habits of Daily Living’. The problem with this though, is they often ignore the one BIG thing that puts life into perspective. They ignore their dreams and goals. They often don’t even know what it is they really want from life.

It is vitally important to be in touch with your dreams as it enables you to see future realities. Dreams enrich your life and provide realistic hope that gives you energy, passion and direction. People with the ability to see a future based on reality, hope and patience are the people who become successful.

Do you ever wonder why some people realize their dreams and others don’t? Or why an opportunity will become all that some people expected, while for others it just doesn’t work out?

The answers are inherent in the beliefs and attitudes of each individual. Those who truly believe in themselves and in their dreams and goals and are prepared to consistently work to win, will eventually achieve them. If you take the time to examine your belief system and attitudes to find out what they are, where they came from, how they are holding you back and then learn how to change them, you will see how success is no accident. It is a decision!

In addition to beliefs and attitudes there are certain factors that will profoundly determine your success in any opportunity you take on.

According to Dr Tom Barrett, author of ‘Dare to Dream and Work to Win’ these factors are the ingredients for success. When you make these the foundations you build your business on and apply them diligently, you will boost your success rate exponentially. They become the anchor that grounds you and keeps you focused through the tough times. Learn to live them, breathe them and teach them to others. That is what brings success. The consequence of not doing this: your dreams fall apart.

Here are Dr Barrett’s Four Ingredients for Success.

1. Determine what you want.

2. Decide what you will forgo in order to get what you want.

3. Associate with people who will help you get what you want.

4. Have a plan that works and work your plan.

If you want to succeed, start with yourself. Take a serious look at your beliefs and attitudes. Fix them if you need to and then get on with it. What will you choose? Success or mediocrity?

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Source by Nicola Hilton