Get LEADS On Autopilot!

Did you know that you can sell products without a website? Most people use a website to do this but let’s say that you don’t have the resources to do this or you want to test out some products to see how they will fair in the market. These are just a few reasons why you may want to sell without a website.

So how do you go about it?

First grab your products and develop your advertisement. Now decide how you will advertise. Are you going to go with free advertisements or paid ones?

Here are some free ones:

World Free

Craig’s List

Croc Ads

My Space


Since you are not paying for a website you may want to place your budget in the paid form such as Adsense, PPC, or Yahoo Ads, just to name a few.

Now you have an advertising arena that you want to use but before you put it into the go mode you must set up a link. For this you will need an autoresponder.

You have many choices. I will go over two of the best that, in my opinion, there are.

The first is from 123Response

They have two types of accounts. One is free and the other is not. You can upgrade at any time. Of course you get more features with the upgraded account. They deliver great service and reliability. You have the option of sending text or HTML emails.

To set up your account you need to follow a few steps. These steps will give you the link for your advertising. This will ensure that you will receive the information from a prospect or client.

Go into the configuration menu. Enter the name that you want all of your outgoing emails to go to. This would be your main email address.

You can add in your configuration your email message, the day, the subscriber’s name, their email, and autoresponder information.

Custom Personalization Tags: These are very important for affiliates, website URL’s and so on. Add your tags here.

Form Code: This is your most important piece of information. You can customize this with just first name and email or you can get more information such as full name, email address, full address, and phone number. If you are receiving an order you will want the long form.

Your message body: You must now use HTML in this part. Add your message as it applies to you and your business.

So when you are done, you will have a link that looks something like this: (example only)

It is as simple as that!

Another is aweber that marketers sear by. I recommended that you check this one out.

Their pricing is very reasonable and their features include:

Unlimited autoresponders

Unlimited follow messages

Pre-designed templates

Automated ad tracking

Unlimited campaigns

Unlimited newsletter messages

And much more

So if you want to keep you expenses down, or are just starting out, try an autoresponder as a way to hit the market with your products!

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Source by Sandi Baker