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Are you going about building your business relationships the wrong way? Are you gaining the trust and rapport of your prospects and potential partners? If someone approached you today or tomorrow offering you something that you do not you feel that you have the need for, would you take them up on their offer? I know that I wouldn’t. When I first began to build my online business I had no idea on how to gain influence and develop long lasting business relationships. But with trial, error, and advice from other like minded individuals I began to develop and apply the skills that have helped be gain long lasting, business relationships. Here are a few vital tips to help narrow your learning curve.

1. Build Rapport- The most important part of any relationship is trust. If you do not have trust that you do not have a relationship. This may appear to be common sense, but there are many people out there who are not first gaining the trust of their prospects and potentials customers. Talk to your prospect. Let them know about you and your story.

2. Listen- Ask questions. find out whats picking their brain. Ask about their interests, their family, their likes and dislikes. Develop a genuine concern for what the individual has to say.

3. Expose The Problem- How can you offer a solution to something if the individual does not even know that the problem is there ? Bring your prospect to the light of whats wrong or missing. Create the desire to take action.

4. Expose The Solution- Let the individual discover what you can do to solve the problem. Have them discover what makes you better than the rest. Help the individual fill the void. And always keep your solution simple.

5. Appeal To Emotions- “Facts tell, story’s sell.” You must touch the emotions of the individual. Tell “your” story. Build a momentum of desire and excitement.

6.- Ask For Action- I know you have heard the saying plenty of times, “A closed mouth does not get fed.” Be confident enough to ask your prospect or potential partner to take action. People could be ready to grasp what you have to offer, but if you do not ask how would you ever know ?

By applying these skills into building your relationships, whether it be business or personal, you will begin to notice a stronger bond with others. My question to you is, how many of these skills are you applying to your life ?

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Source by Tyreek Baskerville