Get LEADS On Autopilot!

One of the main reasons people have issues with succeeding in network marketing is they’re afraid of making mistakes, they fear failing, their fear or self doubt is what keeps them trapped. Fear is simply false evidence appearing real. Nike’s slogan is something I live by “JUST DO IT!”

Unfortunately our schools, friends and other influences tell us to not make mistakes or it’s to difficult to start a business especially since they never done it. I learned that ALL successful people (wheather you’re a network marketer, Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher etc.) ALL made mistakes and have failed before they reach their goal(s). You must have a story before you reach the glory. That’s why I say ACTION will always out weigh inaction. When you take action and make mistakes you’re learning, and experience is something that can’t be taught.

As kids we learned how to talk, how to walk, how to swim, how to ride a bike and we failed during the learning process however, we didn’t just quit and say “oh well It’s just to hard.” Or “It’s not for me” We kept trying until we got better and then we became successful at it. We need to have that same attitude when it comes to our business, those of you in network marketing that quit is because you have short term thinking and want instant gratification or get rich quick behavior. The truth is you MUST have long term thinking and delayed gratification because normally it will take 3-5 years before you can have true financial freedom in this industry.

So exactly what is Phase 1?

Phase 1 is what ALL active independent business owners should be doing on a daily basis. You need to have new quality leads, showing prospects your business and bringing in customers. Now the old school way of staying in Phase 1 is talking to family and friends or the 3 foot rule and to me that’s not a professional approach. The reason is McDonald’s didn’t build that franchise chasing family, friends or begging people while you’re at the mall or grocery store. They had a actual plan they had a specific target market.

So where can you find an unlimited amount of like minded people who are actually looking for what YOU have to offer?

Well if you haven’t noticed we are in the information age and we have cutting edge technology like social site: (FaceBook, Youtube, Myspace, etc.) that give you the upper hand. Did you know that there are 30 million mobile Facebook users. More than 6 Million users become fan pages each day. More than 10 million videos uploaded each month.

MySpace has 185 million registered user, 45 Billion page views per month and 350,000 new registrations each day.

YouTube has 100 million US viewers. In total, Internet viewers have viewed 14.8 billion online videos in January of 2009 alone.

What does that mean? There are prospects galore waiting to hear about your business and customers that can come to YOU!

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Source by Michael J Gill