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If you have ever joined an MLM business, you would likely have received a free MLM company web site with your membership enrollment. At first, you were probably so very excited about having your very own web presence that you wanted everyone to see your hot new site. After all, there must have been hours and hours of time that went into creating such a professional web site with it’s breathtaking color combinations, stimulating sales content and easy-to-navigate menus. You think to yourself: “How can I possibly fail with an amazing web site like this?” Then, you quickly realize that, in spite of how nice these replicated MLM web sites look, they really don’t convert very well. How can this be?

There Are 3 Basic Problems With Using Replicated MLM Web Sites?

# 1. Duplicate Web Content Is Bad

Now, I’m sure you know that you’re not the only person who has this exact same MLM web site. But, if you really think about it, you are using a web site that has probably been replicated thousands of times and is being aggressively promoted by thousands of other MLM reps in the company. Each and every network marketing rep has the same exact header graphic, headline titles, body text, sales copy, keyword phrases, images, videos, etc. To start with, this identical content is really bad for getting listed in the search engines. Search engines don’t like replicated web sites and will even try to ban these cloned sites from their search results. Not to mention, pay per click ads may also not be very beneficial when web surfers encounter the exact same MLM web site when browsing through the top sponsored ads.

#2. MLM Web Sites Are Cold & Non-Personal

Plenty of potential prospects can be left cold with MLM company-manufactured web sites. This is because the information is the same for every rep in the MLM company and they’ve probably already seen it elsewhere. In many cases, you’ll see the name of the MLM rep rubber-stamped at the top of the web site showing that this company-replicated web site is assigned to them. It will read something like: “This web site belongs to independent representative John Doe” How in the world is that beneficial? Doesn’t that just shout out the word “Affiliate!!!” People don’t want to do business with a general sales affiliate who will probably be getting a commission from their purchases. People want to deal directly with a leader who they trust and have established a connection with or feel like they know.

#3. Too Much Info Can Drive Away MLM Opportunity Seekers

MLM company web sites are typically overflowing with details regarding the goods & services, the business opportunity, the testimonials, the founders bios, company history, and so on.. The issue is that there are usually so many selections to click and no uncomplicated call-to-action. New visitors just get overloaded and depart. The most detrimental element is that you didn’t capture their contact information to follow-up. Rather, you were waiting for your visitors to make contact with you.

More and More MLM Companies Are Now Offering Free Replicated Squeeze Pages

MLM companies are now seeing the importance of having reps capture their own MLM leads. This is why lots of MLM reps are starting to get replicated Squeeze Pages provided to them for free by their respective MLM companies. These MLM companies recognize that they are almost certainly throwing away a ton of potential sales and sign-ups by having their representatives market the main company web site, instead of first capturing their visitors’ follow-up details. They understand that it doesn’t make any difference as to the amount of traffic their web sites are receiving if their distributors are not following up with their visitors. MLM leaders know that the key element for creating more sales and sign-ups is to lead with an effective Squeeze Page.

So problem #3 may possibly be solved. Okay, so you got a free Squeeze Page after you signed up with your MLM company. But, the problem is that your MLM Squeeze Page is also “mass replicated”. Is that really a problem? Could it really be such a big deal that you have the identical Squeeze Page as every other rep in the company? Does it matter that every other rep in the MLM has the exact same headline title, body text message, search terms, images, text verbiage and so on? Unfortunately, issues #1 and #2 still exist and are equally as important to address if you do not wish to lose out on more sales and sign-ups. The end result is… your free MLM company-cloned Squeeze Page is still replicated for each and every rep within the MLM company, as well as still being cold and impersonal. You really can’t personalize MLM Squeeze Pages with your own personally unique flair. These MLM Squeeze Pages are mass produced much like the company web site.

Now I’m not stating that all MLM web sites are useless. The simple truth is these sites are very important. The company web site is a wonderful destination to lead those people whom you have previously established a relationship with. It’s just that the company web site should not be the first place you send web surfers or first-time visitors. Even if your MLM leads don’t sign-up at first or buy your products/services right away, you’ll still be able to follow-up with them because you were sensible enough to capture their contact details in the beginning. But, why on earth would you shoot yourself in the foot and lead with an MLM company-replicated Squeeze Page which is cold, impersonal and replicated thousands of times over? Whereas MLM company web sites do serve a purpose when following up with MLM prospects you’ve previously connected with, MLM replicated Squeeze Pages are not worth your time and money.

Replicated Squeeze Pages Supplied By MLM Companies Need Be Tossed Out!

The most successful Squeeze Pages are the ones that include a personal message and contain a personal touch. You’ve got to be able to add in your own header titles, META tags and personal messages. And, to top it off, it would be great if you can also embed your own personal image and even add a video message. Your personal Squeeze Page will definitely stand out from all those MLM replicated Squeeze Pages that are cluttering up the Internet. Don’t follow the throngs of people who just stick with their FREE company-replicated Squeeze Pages. Imagine how much your MLM business will grow and how many more sales and signups you’ll get with a personalized lead capture page. Don’t spend any more time and money on advertising before you get a good hosted, online Squeeze Page solution that will let you create your own personalized Squeeze Pages and capture your own fresh MLM leads.

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