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Looking to actually master the mechanics of attraction marketing?

If you are new to network marketing and you have no credibility then attraction marketing is a concept that will work highly in your favor provided you follow a few simple strategies that have given proven results. These concepts are designed to help you progress from one level to the next and can be applied to complete newbies to advance veterans in the marketing game.

However, for this specific writing I will address what to do when you are in the beginning phase of your journey in network marketing, when you have no credibility, and when people aren’t really paying attention to what it is that you are doing. This is often the most difficult part to get out of, but it’s also the easiest provided you have a solid system that teaches you how to get results fast.

A result can be as simple as generating leads online through organic and/or paid traffic, it can be sign ups while you sleep, and it can also be just getting traffic to your website in a really short period of time. Remember that most people barely have any success online because of the misinformation online, and if you obtain results then you must market those results in order to start obtaining credibility.

Here’s what you want to do when you start getting any level of results.

You can either crank out a video, write an article, or just share what you just accomplished via social media, paid advertising in social media, and marketing to your list. You want to couple your results with your story of where you came from. Here’s what I mean by that: Where you came from is your story of personal struggle and how you developed yourself from the inside.

Here’s an example: “My name is Cesar and two years ago I was tired, depressed and about to give up on my life. I almost ran myself to near suicide because I did not know where to go anymore. I have already pitched my aunt one hundred times and have been kicked out of every single Walmart in my area, but one day, seemingly out of chance, I discovered a system that has allowed me to leverage my time on the internet, and all of a sudden something magical happened. I was able to attract people to my business without any coercion, and I even started to get more sign ups than I ever did when I ran around in the streets pitching people about opportunities. My life started to change very quickly”

Here’s what I just did: I shared my story of where I came from and what I have experienced before I started having any success, and then I quickly moved onto how I started having success inside of my industry. What is powerful about this is that people can easily associate themselves more with stories of personal struggle than they can of personal victory. So, if you share your story first and then you share your victories you’ll notice a sharp rise in your network marketing business of people that follow you and join you over time.

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Source by Cesar A Soto