Get LEADS On Autopilot!

While some advertising methods may can potentially be quite expensive, such as Google’s Adwords, there are many which are not. For less than fifty dollars, you can start an advertising campaign that will not only pull in prospects but also customers.

The following are just some basic promotion ideas to help you get the ball rolling. If you spend some time thinking about it, you will be surprised at what you will come up with.

1. Business Cards

Business cards will cost you approximately $25-$40 to get 1000 business cards printed. You can hand them out to people, place them on vehicles next to yours in parking lots, etc. The ways to hand out business cards are endless, and the great thing about them is that most people rarely throw them away.

2. Magnetic Signs

You can get magnetic signs online for around $50, depending on the size. When placed on your vehicle, these are your silent marketers. They are constantly working on your behalf.

3. Flyers

Flyers can be handed out, placed on vehicles, posted on telephone poles, bulletin boards, etc. It’s a simple way to the get your message out to customers and prospects.

4. Giveaways / Contests

Depending on the type of product you are selling, you can offer a free sample or have contest that gives away a full size product. This method can get you tons of customers, which will lead you to new recruits.

5. Fundraisers

Quite a few companies have products that are perfect for local fundraising projects for churches, little league, boy and girl scouts, cheerleading team, and local charities. The possibilities in the fundraising market are endless.

6. Craft Shows / Flea Markets/ Farmer’s Markets

Craft shows, flea markets, and your local farmer’s markets are great places to not only get new customers, but also to prospects that are looking for something else to sell.

7. Specialty Newspaper Classified Ads

Local niche newspapers are a great place to advertise since their rates are generally less than the major papers and have a much more targeted reader base. This idea alone is pure gold.

8. Forums

Most online forums allow you to have a signature file that you can advertise your business or web site. It’s best to make sure that you follow all forum rules and become an active part of the community.

9. Online Classified Ads

There are literally hundreds of places online that you can advertise for free. Just go to your favorite search engine and put in classified ads to see your choices.

10. Blogging

It seems that almost everyone has a blog these days, and if you do not, you are missing out on some of the best free advertising that you could be doing. Make at least one new post every other day, leave comments on other people’s blogs, and you will soon benefit from the blogosphere.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help you get your network marketing business off the ground. I am sure that if you spend some time brainstorming, you can come up with many more great low to no cost advertising ideas.

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Source by Darryl Dunnaway