Get LEADS On Autopilot!

I’m a stay at home mom who is thankful for the opportunity to build my in home MLM business while traveling. And that’s what I did this Saturday; I drove with my girls to the Bay Area.

Normally, this is about an hour and a half drive but this weekend it took us over 2 hours! My oldest daughter asked why there was so much traffic. I gave several examples, such as an accident, stalled vehicle, etc.., but the traffic was really out of my control. Nevertheless, I assured her we would eventually arrive at our destination.

And that’s when I had my AHA moment!

I realized that life is like the highway and when we get on this highway, we have a final destination/goal. For some people their trip is short, for some long. For some it’s fun and for others it’s quite stressful! But ultimately we have this awesome power called “choice” and we allow what will affect us!

So I thought, why not talk about the similarities this highway has with our successes in relationships, business, or life in general. So here I go:

Now, if you’ve ever taken a road trip, you probably planned a few things out, correct? I know we do! With 3 active girls, we better have some form of entertainment and food to keep them busy! So basically, we plan our road trips like we map out our road to success!

First, Map Out The Trip! Obviously, we’re starting from home, but we have to decide if we want to take the quick route or do we want to take our time by enjoying the scenic route. Do we have time to stop and visit landmarks, friends and family? How long will this trip take? Are we going to rest or just drive all the way through?

When it comes to your success, are you excited, motivated and eager to start because you know the end result? Do you know how you’re going to get from Point A to Point B in your business? Do you know where to stop and ask for directions, if you need to? Do you have a partner, a co-pilot or GPS assisting in your navigation? Did you consider time? We all know that timing is everything when it comes to the success or failure of your business! Bottom line; it depends on how important and valuable the final destination is to you.

Next, check the car! Gas it up, get it cleaned, make sure it has enough oil and water, check the tire pressure, pack snacks, have movies and enough batteries for headphones, and music for us to listen to.

So, how does this relate to business or life?

Well, this is the “getting started to get started” phase. You organize your desk, you sharpen your pencils, you buy your sticky notes, you label folders, you get ready to make a call, etc… This is fine, but as you see, in neither case has there been movement! No action has taken place!

So now that the trip is mapped out, and the car is packed, you can say you’re ready to hit the road!

But once you’re on the road, you realize, it’s not always smooth!

On this highway to success, there are few warning signs, such as STOP, SLOW, DIP, BUMP, and if you live in a state that borders Mexico, you may see the “family” crossing sign on the highway. (Family is important, but as the sign says, some family members can slow you down, especially when they’re negative.)

Or how about the dreaded detour or DEAD END!

The warning signs are fine,but…

WHAT IF you have NO warning and you suddenly find yourself in a “construction zone” (it happens a lot with our websites-we get fatal errors and our site crashes).

Or how about the lovely Louisiana half-hazard road where it’s so bumpy and terrible that it can literally damage your vehicle? In this case, your success!

So, all these “not so smooth” roads or signs are equivalent to the path of success.

The fact is, reaching your destination will not be easy! Something will come up! But what you need to ask yourself is, are you prepared for these challenging distractions?!

And here’s another thing, more often than not, if you are on a bumpy road, you will run into TRAFFIC! Now just because there’s traffic doesn’t mean you turn around and head home?!

Absolutely not!

But yet this is what 97% of the people who start an MLM business do! They turn around (give up) after a few bumps in the road. They get off at the nearest exit and go off into another direction!

These are the people I blame for my own road rage. Basically, don’t waste my time and energy by taking up space and causing more problems.

Get off the road! Move it or lose it! I have places to go and people to see! I have things to do and memories to make!

Simply put, unnecessary traffic will slow your momentum!

This leads to my next point about RUBBERNECKING!

Don’t do it! DO NOT RUBBERNECK! Rubbernecking, for those who aren’t familiar with the term, is when you turn to look at the incident on the side of the road that caused the traffic. It’s OK to be aware but don’t own the problem!

At some point of your driving career, you’ve experienced traffic and you slow down, but you don’t know why you’re slowing down, right? You just are! But being an alert driver, you’re aware of the slower speed. And there are times when you come to a complete stop! But, eventually you creep forward and you see the cause of the traffic (a stalled vehicle, collision, pedestrian, or debris)!

This is where the rubbernecking begins for most people. Rubberneckers cause others to move at a slower pace! Rubberneckers can also cause another accident because they’re not looking ahead! They’re allowing themselves to be distracted by an incident that has nothing to do with them.

They’re too busy looking back!

Now these incidents on the road to success can be memories, friends, associates, events, and family members who have unexpectedly slowed you down!

But the number one thing I’ve learned about the past is to not look back! Jim Rohn coined it best in his book “The Seasons of Life”. He states “Every disappointment, triumph, doubt, dream and love for someone each had their effect. Those people and events which have left their mark whether favorable or unfavorable are now behind us. What happened even as recently as yesterday is no longer of any consequence, unless we choose to allow it to be….The greatest value of the past is how wisely we invest it in the future. Let the past be a servant for making the future more enjoyable and profitable.”

You have to focus on your future and what lies ahead. It’s OK to share problems but you must act responsibly towards a solution and not get bogged down with the drama.

You don’t want to be the next accident to happen!

And lastly, it really doesn’t matter what make or model vehicle you own because it is, you the driver, who controls the vehicle. A car is a car! You can own a Mini Coupe, a Hummer, an Expedition, a Mercedes, Rolls Royce, a Hoopty, or if you’re a mom like me, Momobile. Fact, the car doesn’t make the person!

You set the momentum! You turn the key! You step on the gas! You decide when to get on the road and when to get off! You decide when you need a break and you decide when to stop! You decide whether you’re going to drive cautiously or recklessly.

And really, the map, the vehicle, the road, and highway are just tools to get you where you want to go from point A to point B.

Inspiration and motivation lead to action!

Earlier this week, I and several other entrepreneurs were on a call with Steve Schuitt (Tubeninja) and he said it perfectly: “The easy part is to live the story, but despite the story YOU have to take action and live through these actions to get the desired results.”

Do NOT build speed bumps for yourself; doing so prevents you from performing at your full potential!

It doesn’t matter what road you take or what vehicle you use, YOU’RE the one in the driver’s seat!

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Source by Corina Beckby