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It’s Mostly sunny in Denver

Since Denver is located beneath the RMNP on high plains, the town has a climate with moderate temperatures, and low humidity. Moreover, the weather is warm most of the year. The sky is overcast for around 40 days each year.

The exposure to the sun for most of the year is a kind of health hazard. The reality is that the sunlight is a blessing for the lifestyle of the residents.

Denverites Stay Active

As far as physical activity goes, the residents of the city deserve a lot of praise. Almost all citizens of Denver are physically fit. Moreover, around 80% of the citizens perform tough workouts to stay fit.

They stay active because they have a lot of public options at their disposal, such as playgrounds, baseball diamonds, parks, recreational centers and tennis courts. Even the Americans don’t have these facilities, which is what makes Denver different in a good way.

Overall quality of life

As far as quality of life goes, the metropolitan area of Denver is ranked among the top 10 cities. The credit goes to many housing options, low rents, low mortgage rates, low unemployment, decent commute times and so many other facilities.

Denver is green

In the US, Denver is on the list of the greenest cities. This is due to the improved air quality, municipal initiatives and lots of investment in the green technology. As a matter of fact, green cities play a great role in the social well-being and economic development. The reason is that clean landscape and infrastructure attracts more active residents and business.

The Beer

In Denver, they arrange a great bear festival known as the Great American Beer Festival. Recently, marijuana has been legalized in the city, which means that the citizens can freely pick their poison from a list. However, beer is still on top of the list as far as the favorite drink of the Denver citizens is concerned.

According to experts, beer can provide your body with a lot of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins if consumed in moderation. But you may agree or disagree with them.

The Health Statistics

In the USA, the obesity rate is the lowest in Denver. Aside from this, diabetes and inactivity are also at the lowest rate. Apart from this, Denverites have healthy weights, which is due to the well-funded parks of the city.

In short, the lifestyle of the Denverities is praiseworthy. If you want to stay active and fit, we suggest that you read up on the lifestyle tips of the citizens of Denver. You will see a considerable improvement in your physical fitness with time.

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Source by Ryan Hein