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I’m an  MLM  guy. I admit it. I love the freedom it gives me and my family. As I peruse my past and see the VP I once was or think about the traditional small business I once owned, then check out the want ads and career websites just to make sure I’m not missing anything, I always come back to the  MLM . Some of us  MLM  people have turned to more professional sounding terms, trying to overcome the ignorance in the negative stigma linked to this simple label,  MLM . I admit that I do it too, just so that you, the reader, won’t turn up your nose and say hooey and close yourself off to such great potential before you’ve even heard the opportunity. But at this moment, I’ve decided that I’m too passionate about this industry to try and ease you into the idea of an  MLM . Either you want more out of life or you don’t. I believe that if you’re reading this article, that there’s something inside you just hoping and praying that you’ll find something that will help you secure your future. So I have to assume you’re serious. So let’s “talk some turkey”.

You know, I decided when my first child was born, like many men, I would do whatever it took as long as it was legal and didn’t violate God’s laws or man’s laws, to get into a position to offer my kids more than I had, not necessarily to “spoil” them, but to expose them to experiences that many of us never got to experience as kids. Experiencing music lessons or athletic camps or other cultures exposes them to a world outside themselves and helps them to see beyond self.

An  MLM  has so much to offer people, I really don’t understand the hesitancy in getting involved in one that fits you. I mean, wow, what other job offers compensation plans to match effort, while also allowing ownership, low overhead, and passing your mentors at any point in time. In my old company as VP, that was basically as high as I could go. Maybe partnership, but who wants the extra headache for split profits or possibly no profits because it all goes out in overhead. Unless the owner died and left everything to me, I was stuck being a VP. Now being VP was very good, don’t get me wrong, but talk about a bummer, missing my children’s first everything because I was out of town on business, or working the extra hours required to maintain my income.

An  MLM  also doesn’t limit me to just one thing. I enjoy technology, but I also enjoy finances and helping people. I love health and fitness and so much more. Did you know there are small home-based business opportunities (MLMS) that cover all these areas and I’m not limited to working for just one? I can mentor one person in a technology based business, while helping another in the financial realm while helping another in their pursuit of a health and fitness product based business.

One more thing, the most important thing an  MLM  has brought to me and my family and can bring to yours is the opportunity to work from home for a few hours, mentor 3 or 4 people, sit and enjoy some reading time and a “real” discussion with my wife. NOT about bills, but about life, goals and dreams, the way we did when we were dating. I’m there to help her educate our children then possibly meet with another few people to help them out, then study and carry out some ministry work, then help my kids with batting practice in the back yard, listen to them play the music they just learned or wrote or talk about life issues with them. I can do all this and make a great income in the same amount of time it used to take me just to make the great income. Not to mention the money I save on fuel costs to and from work. (Anyone getting reimbursed for the fuel they use while sitting in traffic with the engine running while they commute back and forth?)

My wife said it best the other day as we were discussing jobs, and traditional small business opportunities. As she left my office (a converted bedroom on the second floor of our home) she said, “I guess we just have to face it, we’re  MLM  people all the way, aren’t we?”

YUP! I’m an  MLM  guy!

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Source by Kerry Baxter