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I must be honest a couple of years ago I started reading a lot of books on wealth creation and money in general.

Life has a way of shedding light on the limitations of the rat race and you begin to realise that both from a perspective of your own personal self worth and the need to develop enough financial freedom to enjoy your existence on planet earth; your going to have to pull yourself up by your boot straps and do something to drive the future of your financial ship in the direction you want it to go.

So my wife and I began studying extensively a variety of different strategies of wealth creation. I guess we were looking for something that would tick the various internal boxes and push the relevant buttons that would tell us this is a good fit and in line with our current personal circumstances. We looked at property, we started a fashion business, we learnt extensive amounts about marketing and web marketing, and we joined a variety of Multi-level marketing companies with varying degrees of success. But sometimes it feels like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack or even more confusingly you’re looking for a needle in a haystack but you have no point of reference for what a needle is or even looks like.

I guess a big part of the lesson is that perseverance in the learning process is imperative, as there are so many paradigm shifts that need to take place and for me at least a considerable amount of self discovery was certainly involved. What a journey it has been. Well I guess now I realise that essentially I’m a people person, also that I’m a writer and that I must on a regular basis engage in left brain activity as essentially I’m a creative person.

When I left school my desire was simply to get into fashion, music and art, I even had specific areas and niches of interest, but as life would have it, I made a series of decisions that meant my career was fast becoming a slog up the 9 to 5 ladder; simply seeking to make a living for myself and my young family with no particular creative outlet.

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad and instantly had respect for Mr. Kiyosaki and appreciated the concepts he was putting forth. Then a fellow traveller along the proverbial ‘exit the rat race motorway’ handed me a copy of Kiyosaki’s; The Business of the 21st Century. To be honest it made a lot of sense. The way he put it makes you realise the beauty in the  MLM  model if done correctly. But I don’t know; I think a lot of different folks approach this business from so many different angles it can be difficult to know if you’ll get the support and network that really make Multi-level marketing the opportunity it should be.

I’ve heard it said everything hinges on leadership, and to some degree I agree, but what exactly is leadership. In Multi-level marketing, good leadership comes from a place. I think it really helps if first of all you really want to see others succeed. Genuine leaders always want those they influence to excel and achieve their personal potential. Simon Sinek in his book titled ‘Start with Why’ states people follow leaders for themselves. But as leaders it’s easy to forget this, particularly when a little bit of ego gets involved. Of course within  MLM  leaders or to put it in the industry vernacular; ‘up-lines’ are incentivised to assist their followers AKA ‘down-lines’, invariably the more you make the more they make. But we need to be aware of the ‘human nature’ factor; unless we genuinely can handle success in others then it becomes difficult to go out of our way to support others succeeding, and I think we see the wayside strewn with the casualties of failed leadership within the  MLM  industry. It gets expressed in criticism and Sinicism and a general distrust for what gets categorised as pyramid schemes and it can make recruitment and the development of ones business harder work than necessary, trying to patch up the failures of others as you seek to educate others and elevate the value in what you do.

We’ll I think leadership is imperative, and a good internal grasp on what I call ‘legacy leadership’ is really the key. Essentially in order to create holistic wealth, always put the client at the centre of your focus. In  MLM  your clients are your customers those who use and purchase your product also your clients are your down-lines, your recruits. These people become your legacy and if you invest in them correctly these people will be the trees from which you’ll harvest your  MLM  wealth. The first rule of legacy leadership therefore is in order to invest in others, first invest extensively in yourself. Self investment initially requires a posture of mind and heart that embraces your own self-worth. You’ll never invest in something you don’t deem worth the investment, and you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t see the imperative of self investment because they have no estimation of their real value or because they are waiting on others to see their value and invest in them. The oxymoron is that as you develop you will frequently see the potential in others and you’ll look for opportunities to foster and nurture what you see, but unless they see the potential both in themselves and the opportunity, the personal journey of self development and business development will never begin. This I guess is where communication and the ability to convey a vision become so useful.

The authenticity and integrity of your own journey will become startlingly apparent under the spotlight of vision casting. The temptation to exaggerate or flatter has caused multiple ship wrecks. Often times people need truth downloaded in bite-size pieces, particularly when you convey to a person the earning potential, and what you believe they are capable of. There is no free lunch, but most people will gladly accept a worthy challenge if the odds are stacked in their favour and they can see the logic in your system. It also helps at this point if your company has some credentials worth its salt. In our society and particularly in British culture people are fed up with being ripped off and they will generally only subscribe to things they can recognise and trust. I know I’ve had to do my fair share of home work and ground myself in product knowledge in order to offer a service that boasts the hallmarks of personal brand excellence and robust after sales service. I strongly recommend therefore know your stuff, know yourself and be a student of people their needs, drives, motivations and aspirations and use the  MLM  model to meet those needs within the capacity to which it is uniquely positioned an opportunity to develop wealth on your own terms without the risk or the ‘need for capital’ required to begin a normal bricks and mortar enterprise.

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Source by Omar Zac Phillips