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I am sure most of us here have picked up some self-help books from the bookstore. Amongst these books, most of us would have come across books focusing on the stories on a particular successful person or tips given by a person who has achieved success. Most of the time, these are also the bestsellers and the hot picks amongst readers.

“Why do we buy these books?”

Some buy these books because they idolize the subject person, others buy the books because they are curious how these people succeed. However, I believe a bulk of us buy these books in order to emulate their path to success. In other words, most of us believe that by copying the strategies, attributes and attitude of these successful people, we can be successful too.

“Success is a journey, not a destination.”

This is so true. When we attempt to duplicate another successful person, we are actually trying to follow the path they have gone through in the hope of having the same results.

However, different people also have different journeys, so which one do we follow?

Therefore, I appeal to the readers out there who read these anecdotes of success to look beyond the journey and instead search for the characteristics or attributes that have made these people successful.

Now I would like to direct your attention to a phenomenon that can be found in your very own  MLM  company.

Have you ever noticed two or even more people that act very alike, talk alike and in some cases even think alike in the company?

Isn’t it strange that these people are also usually the high flyers in your company?

This is because for a  MLM  organization to be successful, there has to be the process of duplication so that the mistakes made by a pioneering person are not made again by his/her downlines. In this way, precious time is saved and success can be achieved in a shorter time. As a result, it is no surprise to find “Twins”in the  MLM  business.

This article will examine some of the common personalities found among successful networkers.

1) Entrepreneurial Spirit

The need for a robust entrepreneurial sprit in order for one to be successful in the  MLM  business is obvious. This is simply because  MLM  is a business and not a day job. Often, newcomers have to deal with this tweaking of mindset from that of an employee to that of a boss. Together with this change of mindset comes a change of expectations so that he/she can grapple with the setbacks commonly faced by any boss, even in traditional business, and not give up easily.

2) Initiative

When you enter into a  MLM  business, you are now a boss in charge of your own time and working pace. Thus, it becomes crucial that you develop a strong sense of initiative, taking action without being prompted instead of staying passive. A boss constantly thinks of how to make his business produce higher profits which in turn provides him with his income, in the  MLM  business context, network marketing know how and time management becomes very important in order for a networker to succeed through practicing initiative. In this case, it is also important to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses so that you work around them.

3) Self Motivation

In the course of running a business, it is very common to encounter setbacks and obstacles along the way. Dealing with problems constantly over a long period of time can be a huge mental drain and might leave one burnt out. A successful networker always ensures he/she does not carry baggage from a previous setback with him/her. This can be accomplished by staying self motivated.

Initially, a newcomer in the  MLM  business might not be able to stay self motivated for very long because he is running on the adrenaline of hype and excitement from discovering an opportunity. Many companies address this issue by organizing frequent seminars for their members where high flyers will share their past experiences with others in the company. Hearing motivating stories of how others have overcomed tough times helps a newcomer stay motivated and focused on his/her dreams and goals.

However, it is vital that a networker learns to motivate himself as time goes by. Sometimes, whether one realizes his or her dreams just depends on how badly he or she wants it to come true. A strong “want”or desire will naturally create a strong sense of self motivation which will allow the networker to stay very focused to become successful.

4) Creativity

Creativity here does not refer so much to the arty farty aspect. In a more accurate representation, it actually refers to the individual’s problem solving ability and how well he can come up with innovative alternatives. A successful individual in a  MLM  business do not dwell on negativity when faced with obstacles by focusing on the problem, instead, he/she focuses on coming up with solutions and selecting the best out of the alternatives.

Now say it together with me,

“I don’t see the problem, I see SOLUTION!”

Duplication is a very important aspect of running a successful  MLM  organization. If you are a newcomer, start observing the high flyers in your company and learn from them!

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Source by Edmund Toh