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If you are like 97% of us who have chosen  MLM  as a profession you are struggling and will probably fail. Yes, this is the sad reality of  MLM . This is true even for us who have succeeded in school and other professions. We have the brains, the desire to succeed and maybe even the self confidence. Surely our successful track record should carry over into  MLM .

You know you have what it takes. You know you are going to be the next  MLM  monster. You have surveyed the competition. Many started out selling lotions, potions and pills from their garages if they even had garages. So just about anyone should be able to succeed in  MLM .

When you signed up under your upline sponsor you were all fired up. You knew you could do  MLM . You knew this would work for you like the others whose testimonies you had heard. All you needed was a strong desire and consistent effort. At least this is what you were lead to believe.

Shortly afterward you learned the real facts about  MLM . Success does not always come overnight. For most it does not come at all. There are a few out there that appear to be overnight successes. Many of them spent years learning their craft. Others were somehow in the right place and the right time.

You then started investing in books, CD’s, DVD’s, eBooks, attending seminars, listening to conference calls and participating in Webinars. Surely all this additional information would give you the answer, offer the secret to the success you knew was yours. But what really happened was that after all the reading, listening and participating, you were able to apply little or nothing of what you had learned. It just did not happen the way you expected. You just could not do it the way others had.

You probably went out and got more books, CD’s, DVD’s and eBooks. You were on more Webinars and conference calls. You were determined. You knew you would eventually achieve that critical mass where you would finally get it. The answer was within reach. The secret would be discovered. You would have that “ah ha” moment when it would all fell into place, when it all made perfect sense.

But more than the books, CD’s, DVD’s and eBooks, you were buying something else. What you were really buying was the illusion of your own success. This illusion and desire for success is the first place where you got stuck. You may have been told you had to believe first and then your success would follow. You probably heard the expression “fake it ’til you make it”. These are valuable steps along the way. Let them bolster your journey to success.

What was happening is there was so much information out there telling you what to do to succeed in  MLM  you soon suffered from information overload. There are a number of good strategies we can follow. Everyone seemed to do things differently yet still somehow become successful.

We are told to plan our day with specific activities mirroring what other did to become successful in  MLM . Spent an hour on this in the morning and two hours on that each night and so on was the message. This too is a another valuable part of the equation.  MLM  must be worked like a regular career to achieve success. But what often happens is we just do not quite get it. It just does not feel right or natural to us. It’s almost like our first attempts at roller skating or riding a bicycle.

So what is the missing piece? You are doing a lot of the things your upline did to achieve their success. But it still is not working for you. Your doubt grows as your confidence and finances dwindles.

The next hurdle is the “being” part of  MLM  success. At this level you actually feel within you the success you desire and operate accordingly. You are not just imitating someone else’s methods, you are employing your own. This being is where you discover what works for you.

Through your own consistent hard work over time you have perfected one of the techniques you learned along the way or incorporated several techniques into something totally unique to you. The important thing is being the success you sought to achieve. This is the true ah ha moment, when you start to own the  MLM  skills that work for you.

This is not to negate the doing or learning process that takes place along the way. You learn by duplicating others who have succeeded in  MLM  before you. But there is no need to repeat their mistakes. You want to benefit from the lessons your upline sponsor and others have learned first hand. Use these lessons as stepping stones to your own success. You then will discover the  MLM  success within you.

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Source by Leland Clark